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Big Blue


Fuck fuck fuck and fuck again.

I had 2 BRDC weekend member tickets for the MotoGP weekend; I couldn't go at first due to supposed to being in France; now I can't go despite being in the UK due to my foot being smashed up. I would've met the man in the clubhouse.

Fuck fuck fuck and fuck again.

Face the pain or go in a wheelchair if you have to.

How does a broken foot stop you? Man up BB!  
Nice Guy Eddie

Go in a wheelchair, you'll get a front row seat and first in line for a selfie with your man

If it's half as important to you as it sounds, you'll find a way of making it happen
Big Blue

No, I gave my passes back to the RAC for some other lucky bugger. Plus having been waited on hand and foot (sic) for three weeks, saying I'm off to Silverstone for a race weekend might not go down very well, especially as I did the F1 weekend this year.

       The Motor Forum Forum Index -> Racing Posts
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