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Few pics from Christmas Day

Had these on my phone for a while but kept forgetting to bring the lead to work.  Soon pictures of the Silver Jubilee Bridge.  You can walk right underneath it and look at the superstructure if you want, though i am wary of taking photos of it in case i am accused of anything.  This was about 9am on Christmas morning, not a sole about, i was just walking the dog.  Note the odd man in one of the photos, he was on his phone.


Gee, i know theyre not up to Alans Standards but i thought someone might appreciate them
Big TC

Don't worry at the lack of response, DC, it happens now and again...

I'm sure your photos are appreciated - I think they're very...................atmospheric.
Humphrey The Pug

Looks like your lens is all fogged up!

Thank you for the complimet DC  

I too think they're atmospheric. So many people seem to want to wind up the contrast and the saturation and it's nice too see a shot that makes you think "Ah.... England on a miserable day."

The bridge is quite cool when you get right up close underneath it.  You dont realise when your on the road how high up the whole thing is.

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