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Andy C

Ferrari World - Abu Dhabi

Probably the thing I was most looking forward to, turned into a bit of a disappointment.

I was expecting a lot more cars on display, however it turned in to more of a theme park, with a tiny display of Ferrari's.  This wasn't the end of the world for me as I love theme parks and rides, but the other 2 didn't as much!

It's an amazing looking place, and is absolutely huge.  There are various roller coasters, simulators, shows, karting etc

Highlight for me was feeling the force of accelerating from 0-60mph in 2 seconds, and 0 to 149 mph in 4.8 seconds on Formula Rossa

It was truly epic, neck snapping (literally!) and felt other worldly.

I'd have liked to have seen some more Ferrari's on display with a bigger museum, but apart from that, it was a good day, and it's just an excuse to go to Maranello next year for the proper museum!

Thomas Magman

Great pics - last year I visited the 2 Ferrari Museums whilst on hols in Italy. Took loads of photos but haven't uploaded many to the net as yet

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