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Racing Teatray

Fate of the old...

Interesting to see how your old cars are apparently faring.

Stuck all my old registration numbers (I can remember all but one) through the checker and found out that, out of my 19 previously owned cars (and excluding the second Z1 because I can't remember what plate it wore after mine came off), sadly only three are showing as definitely currently on the road and taxed, being the M5 (sold 2012), the 330d Touring (sold '11) and the S3 (sold '05).

A further three are MoT'd but SORN'd (the GTA (sold '09), the 500E (sold '09) and the first Z1 (sold '10)). The GTA and the Z1 are still owned by the people I sold them to.

The remaining are all showing either no record (which can also mean a transfer to a private plate) or as having not been taxed for quite a few years.

I do this periodically.

The Mercedes, Subaru and Volvo are all sill on the road which takes it back to 2000.  All my previous vehicles are no longer on the road.
Twelfth Monkey

What's the linky?
Resident Spanner

I don't need to go that far, the 306 is still sat in a skip outside.
Twelfth Monkey

Renault 5- dead.
Metro- dead.
Rover 600 - dead.
Passat - MIA.
A3 - it lives.

Mrs 12th's Fiat - dead.
A2 - alive.
A2 - alive.

Of my last few, CR-V and Alfa had new/replaced numbers I don't know, my last Fiesta I still see around from time to time, and my first '04-plated Fiesta is alive and kicking.

My first lease car, a Megane 1.6 Dynamique Sport sadly appears to be no longer with us.

My 197 was written off. My missus was very upset, but only because it was crashed into a field where some very famous racehorse was munching on a bit of grass.

I've seen three old cars on the road. Astra one in Bournemouth, short lived Vectra in Chippenham, so that didn't go far and the Golf in Shepperton.

Most of mine are dead though the Compact lives, hurrah! My Punto Sporting is returning no records found whilst older cars still return a result just that they've been untaxed for a while.

Seicento - alive
Fiesta - dead
Focus - alive
Megane 225 - dead
Blue Compact - alive
Black Compact - not found
130i - alive

The big surprise there is that the Fiat is still going. I wonder what happened to the Megane.

I'm guessing the Megan crashed spectacularly in the hands of a yoof.
Andy C

PR wrote:
130i - alive

I know that as I saw it outside Masala Jacks not so long ago!
Andy C

306 - Sold it to my little bro and it was written off due to someone crashing into it outside my Mum's house in the middle of the night.

Clio - Not on the database. If it is still working, its probably not taxed as the guy who bought ( was going to use it for trackdays.

I did get a speeding ticket through about a year after I sold it on a road near Derby, so it obviously was still around then.

I put in what I thought was the reg of Astra 1 - Y527XNV along with Vauxhall and it was the wrong car. I then tried 327, 427 and 627 and got a(n incorrect) hit each time. Is it that likely that all those reg numbers would all be on Vauxhalls?!
Frank Bullitt

205 - died in 2001
Punto 60 - died in 2010 (scrappage I suspect)
Punto JTD - no tax but it was MOT'd less than a year ago so I suspect it has recently expired

smart pure - not found
smart passion - taxed and insured
A2 FSi - died in 2013
Picasso - taxed and insured

Rover 3500 - dead (... or hopefully resting)
Mercedes 190 - dead
RR Silver Shadow - not on the records, but it was bought by a German ex-pat who was planning to take it home at some time
Mitsubishi Galant - dead
MG ZT-T - alive
Jaguar Sovereign - alive

Roadrunner wrote:

Mitsubishi Galant - dead


I only ever had two UK registered vehicles, both of them motorbikes. The 1st one (Suzuki GT250) I can't remember the registration. The other (Yamaha XS750) is showing tax due 6 years after I sold it. It also shows up as being black, whereas it was silver and blue when I had it.
I loved that bike.

For the reg numbers I can remember
Range Rover classic (1995)- dead (shame, I hoped that had survived)
Audi A3 (2002) - SORN, MOT just expired
Defender (1997) - alive and well
Jag X Type 3.0 (2002) - alive and well (I'm genuinely surprised by that one!)
Jag X Type estate (2008) - alive and well
XK8 (1997) - alive and well
XF V8 (2011) alive and well

Time to bring the tone down a bit...

1983 Citroen Visa - dead (to be fair, I saw it towed off to the scrappy  back in '93)

1988 Fiat Panda - dead pre-2000

1986 Renault 11 - dead pre-2000

1989 Rover 213 - dead, 2002.  Fair to say these first 4 cars weren't 'pristine' by any stretch.

2001 Alfa 156 Sportwagon - last MOT / tax in 2011.  Judging by the MOT comments in the years after I had it, it's eventually left it's floorpan in an oxidised heap somewhere.  Or it's engine finally had enough of being starved of oil (some rather frantic advisory comments including "HAD TO PUT IN 2 LITRES OF OIL TO TAKE ABOVE MINIMUM.!!! ").  Shame really.  I really liked that car.  And I gave it enough oil.

1991 Astra Merit - dead in 2009, although 2 years after I thought I'd traded it in for it to get scrapped, I saw it driving about.  The MOT odometer readings are 'interesting', mind - not only had it lost about 60,000 miles, it had apparently done 16 miles in one particular year.

2004 SEAT Toledo - alive (and living locally - my wife apparently saw it last week)

2003 Mazda Mx5 - SORN'd, but the MOT is until October.

Michael wrote:
Roadrunner wrote:

Mitsubishi Galant - dead

To be fair, the Galant wasn't that bad. It was the 2.5 V6, after all. The Lancer company car I had for a few weeks about five years ago was utter, utter crap.
Racing Teatray

Full list of mine:

MIA (no record):
- 1991 Golf Mk2 GL (sold 2000)
- 1993 Golf Mk3 GTI (sold 2001)
- 1990 Golf Mk2 GTI 16v (sold 2002)
- 1985 Golf Mk2 GTI (sold 2005)
- 1993 Saab 9000 (sold 2010)
- 2009 BMW 135i (sold 2011)
- the second Z1 (sold 2014).

Presumed dead:
- 1991 Golf Mk2 GLi (sold and expired 2002)
- 1992 Golf Mk2 GTI 16v (sold 2002, expired 2005)
- 1995 Rover 115 (sold 1998, expired 2006),
- 1991 VW Scirocco (sold 2005, expired 2011 - surprised at that as it was already knackered when I sold it)
- 1990 Golf Mk2 GTi 16v (sold 2002, expired 2012)
- 2001 Audi A3 1.8T Quattro (sold 2005, expired 2013 - shame).

SORN and MoT'd:
- 2005 Alfa 156GTA (sold 2009 still with same guy)
- 1992 Mercedes 500E (sold 2009)
- the first Z1 (sold 2010 still with same lady)

Still fully alive and kicking:
- 2002 Audi S3 (sold 2005),
- 2008 BMW 330d (sold 2011),
- 2007 BMW M5 (sold 2012),

Bit surprised none of my three Mk2 Golf GTI 16vs is still alive and kicking, given they are quite sought-after these days.
Chris M Wanted a V-10

Starting from 1985 registration...
The Honda has disappeared (not found) - just checked the MoT records and it was welded up in 2007 and then not submitted for another test in 2008
Rover 820 untaxed beyond when I traded it in for the Scenic, at which point it was still working OK. Not sure why it' still showing as tax and MoT due whereas the Honda is simply not found
Scenic still going strong
Galaxy still going strong
Ka still going strong (unsurprising as it sold within days of being traded in)

Elder daughter's old Ka is also still running but its next MoT is due in May

Just checked my last bike - a Kawasaki ZX636R. Just been taxed (expires Feb '17) and MOT due in September this year. All my other bikes were Manx registered, so they obviously don't show up. Don't tihnk the I.o.M. has anything like the DVLA site though, as usual, I'm open to be being proved incorrect!

Seems the old bus is still going strong somewhere then . . .

Andy C wrote:
PR wrote:
130i - alive

I know that as I saw it outside Masala Jacks not so long ago!

Yes it didn't go far and I know where it lives so can always drive past for a sneaky look!

Thinking about it, I reckon it's a year to the day (maybe yesterday) since I got the M135i.

Roadrunner wrote:
Michael wrote:
Roadrunner wrote:

Mitsubishi Galant - dead

To be fair, the Galant wasn't that bad. It was the 2.5 V6, after all. The Lancer company car I had for a few weeks about five years ago was utter, utter crap.

Oh, sorry. It was the Lancer I had in mind. I quite liked those Galants!

I will need a spare few hours for this..
Racing Teatray

How hard is it to say "all dead"?!?

Well, the Clio is still alive, according to Andy....

I suspect the rest are deader than dead.

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