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Fast 85mm lens review...

I fancy a Sigma 85mm f1.4, amongst other things...

I like these reviews á áfunny.

I have Siggy 30 and 50mm f1.4's and I fancy the 85mm but it might just be a bit long on my 20D. I am tempted though as their 50mm is my most used non macro prime.

I have the sigma 30/1.4 and a fast 50 (minolta).

I recently aquired a Samgyang 85/1.4 (chipped for focus confirmation). Optically it's outstanding but it is manual focus only (but a fraction of the price of canikon versions whilst providing comparable IQ)

So, I'd thoroughly recommend it as an option in this range. Cheap enough to try and I you find the range a good one then you can keep or 'upgrade' to an AF lens.

If you don't like the range then sell - you'll loose a few ús at most.

Oh, and I think the range is great for portraits etc and fine on a cropped sensor camera (not far off 135 equivalent on FF which is a classic focal length)

I should add, manual aperture as well.

I actually think manual is great, it's my first manual lens an it's a challenge but a great way to learn and the results are amazing.

I'm aiming to get the manual Voigtlander 21mm for Canon. Wide Prime = Yum.

I have a Siggy 20mm f1.8. It's not razor sharp at f1.8 but it soon is. It might not be the best lens in the world but I don't think I'd like to not be able to auto focus.

Why not?

AF hasn't been around 'that long' and it's far from 100% accurate in all conditions.

Convenient - absolutely (I love it too) but im finding MF actually gives you a lot of flexibility right at hand that you have to frig about with AF settings etc to acheive (not difficult but additional steps all the same).

At the end of the day, a fast 85 is pretty much a 'portrait' lens - its not particularly suited to fast moving objects (Tis a lot of glass to shift) so AF tends to be slow even when you have it.

MF can still tell you when the camera thinks you've focussed correctly (focus confirmation) so you loose little but get very good optics at a very good price.

That said, if I could afford the Zeiss I'd still get it ;)

With my bins on I have 20/20 vision but even so it takes me much longer to focus than the camera takes. I know that auto focus isn't 100% and certainly not 100% of the time but for me at least the fact is that in many situations AF enables me to take a shot much faster than I could if I had to focus manually.

I do use manual focus but only in specific instances such as hyperfocal or when there's too little light or contrast or too much confusion for the AF to get it right or when I'm going to focus on something outside of focus points.

I'm pretty sure that there are manual lenses that are better than the Siggy 20mm f1.8 (and possibly all of my lenses) but I'm not sure that I'll see the difference either on screen or in a print.

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