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Big Blue

Farewell Ron

Whatever one's opinion of him, F1 will miss him. He deserves plaudits for being probably the piranha in the tank with the biggest teeth and putting them to good use over the decades. Even in the recent Red Bull era the McLarens driven by Lewis and JB were hugely competitive with effectively a customer engine. The Honda venture has been a disaster but his reasons for the gamble are reflected in the dominance of the Mercedes factory team which he said would prevent him getting a full-spec mill.

I remember when Senna was due to sign and he was asked about it. His response: "it's between Ayrton and my newborn daughter who costs me the most sleep at present."

On the plus side he leaves an ethos at McLaren cars and is still enough of a shareholder to be shouty about things. Plus he's due a retirement.

Finally a huge Thanks for the MP4/4. What.A.Fucking.Car.
Twelfth Monkey

Like Frank Williams, I always thought he'd be there.  I've been sorry to see (well, and hear about) the F1 team's gradual decline.  I hope they can find a way back.
Humphrey The Pug

TBH I think it is long overdue, they need fresh blood in there to run the team, he is a dinosaur.
Big Blue

When the sport is run by one of the contemporary dinosaurs he was what was needed. He did fuck a lot of people off though but then I'm pretty sure most senior execs and business owners do that.
Nice Guy Eddie

A bit unfair to call him a dinosaur. His energy at his age to try and keep hold of McLaren I find amazing. If I was 70 and due a massive payoff I'd take it all day but then I don't have what it takes to turn McLaren from a Garagista to what they've become today.

He had to go as part of the sale as Ron doesn't exactly fit the new corporate structure of Apple or who else it is who can afford McLaren.

Interesting Interview with Bernie on Sky at the weekend who gave his opinion on various people in F1 and if he still had an F1 team, it would be Ron he'd employ as team manager.

^^^ Agree, autocratic yes, but not a dinosaur...

This was interesting I thought:

Nice Guy Eddie wrote:
Interesting Interview with Bernie on Sky at the weekend who gave his opinion on various people in F1 and if he still had an F1 team, it would be Ron he'd employ as team manager.

He says that now but..............

him wrote:
This was interesting I thought:

Can you give me a rundown, I nodded off after about 42 seconds...

I agree it was time for Ron to go.  A shame his pride and thin-skinned nature prevented him from going gracefully.  

I have a lot of respect for what he has achieved but I suspect he is very polarising, which would exasperate many.

I think Ronald gave a huge amount to McLaren itself, motorsport and the wider automotive industry. Far from being a dinosaur, under his leadership McLaren constantly innovated in F1 with things like brake steer, and McLaren developed some of the finest facilities in motorsport. McLaren also had some of the longest-running sponsorship deals under his reign as well. Then you have the road car side, which in six years went from nothing to making some of the most respected supercars.

Of course, his record isnít all great. McLaren had awful reliability in the early 2000ís, which cost the team wins and potentially the championship in 2003. However, Mercedes played a part in that unreliability. And despite McLarenís funding and technical resources, they have arguably underperformed over the years relative to the resources they have available.

The Honda partnership has clearly been woefully unsuccessful, but Ron and others at McLaren had the right idea. In the latter years of the V8 era, the engine wasnít a decisive factor. The scope for further development got very limited in the end with the stringent regulations and the stability of the engine formula, therefore running as a customer team between 2010-2014 didnít adversely impact them. 2014 onwards was a different matter, with completely different powertrain regulations with a lot of scope for development. If done right, as Mercedes have illustrated, the in-house approach could have benefited McLaren enormously. Just look at Red Bullís grumbles with Renault, in 2014 and 2015 the latter didnít give what Red Bull wanted.

Ah well, at least now he'll have time to go and drive his F1, maybe get the mileage up to 4 figures even  

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