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Alf McQueef

Facelifted 335d Touring

Interesting review:

My friend who had the modded E91 335i bought one of these recently, I'm assuming pre-facelift (though it will be fettled by Birds again) - so I'll get a run in something similar at some point.

Sounds nice but pricey - and I bet the SH values hold very firm as well, which affects most of us more...

The engine is a highlight, though. Response is swift and powerful in any gear from virtually any revs, and the surprisingly tuneful bellow from 2000rpm all the way to the 5000rpm red line – with little drop-off in power – calls time on claims that diesel engines aren’t fun to extend.

Spot on!  

There are decent discounts already on the new model, so despite about £5k being possible on an M3, there is still a fairly significant gap on a LFL basis.

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