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Facebook Idiot



Moral of story?

Use Twitter. Only 140 characters.



Hate job. Boss wanker perv. Fired.
Humphrey The Pug

Fantastic response.
Dr. Hfuhruhurr

Indeed - boss man sounds like a good laugh. Unlike embittered soon-to-be-ex-employee.
Apex clipper

Face...ache. An 18 yr old girl was jailed this week for bullying.

From my home town...and from an estate that I'm surprised that they had the knowledge to access the net..let alone bully!!!

Why you should never add your mum on Facebook...


I don't think that's real. Facebook does allow for deletion of such posts.

Yeah, but it's hidden to the side of the posts on the profile page and doesn't show up if you view updates on the home page.
Chip Butty

This is bollocks

1) Apparently she is engaged yet has abstained for months (yeah right)

2) She posted the sex talk " 58 minutes ago ", yet then posted her "oooh I've made a whoopsie " 59 minutes ago " ????.

It's a manufactured facebook fuck up - how massively lame.

BTW - what is her "other pussy " supposed to be, a euphemism for her arsehole ???
Chip Butty

Oh yeah, and if Tracy is supposed to be 41, her mum looks damn good for her age.

There is an invite to Poke her, if you wish!

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