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F1 Test, Silverstone - 8/9 July

Anybody going?

I shall be going on the 9th - looking forward to it.

There is still time to save by buying tickets in advance, although you will need to collect them at the circuit's ticket office.
Twelfth Monkey

I await your report of how the engines sound at the trackside!

Twelfth Monkey wrote:
I await your report of how the engines sound at the trackside!

My pleasure!
Big Blue

They're not that bad. TV makes it seem worse probably due to frequency issues. They're not as ear-hurtingly evil as before but they still sound like thoroughbred racing cars.

I think the cars do still sound impressive; they still have a high-pitched wail that still excites in person.

However compared to the NA V10 and V8 screamers, the engines do disappoint. They actually sound good; the Ferrari engine in particular sounds brilliant. It is the level of noise that is disappointing; I think more noise would make a big difference in increasing the atmosphere and excitement. In the past I didnít really mind if the racing was boring, because the noise was just sensational.

The Mercedes-Benz engine is definitely the quietest out of the three power plants. The Renault engine was louder, but with a fairly obvious whining noise (perhaps the recovery system working), but the Ferrari unit sounded lovely. It was almost louder enough for me.

I remember numerous times arriving at Silverstone and you could hear the V8ís and V10ís from going through the villages to get there. The noise was instantly addictive. Now you donít really hear the current engines until youíre walking up to the circuit entrance. I find I had to learn to like the sound, rather than it being immediately appealing.

The cars sound better in person than on TV. As an example, the Ferrariís high-pitched wail is not evident on TV at all, and the exhaust notes of all the cars also arenít evident via a TV set. Perhaps the reduction in noise means it is harder for television to pick up small subtleties. However there is no doubt in my mind that the cars need to get louder.

It is also easier to spot the good cars from the bad ones compared to recent years when the downforce levels were higher. The Mercedes-Benz looks so supremely planted at Abbey; it is almost not a turn for that car Ė wide open and seemingly unflustered. It was also quite noticeable how much earlier Hamilton could get back to the throttle coming out of Vale compared to other cars - that car really does appear to be the complete package.

Chilton in the Marussia had to take a big lift and he still struggled to hit the apex at Abbey. The McLaren has struggled in a fair few races so far this year; but it looks stable, consistent and planted at Abbey lap-after-lap.

Sav wrote:
The Renault engine was louder, but with a fairly obvious whining noise

That'll be Vettel.

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