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F1 - it's electrifying

What's the Forum view? (no sensible suggestions please )
Big Blue

Alonso saw Vettel following him in the Ferrari and was simply demonstrating the performance Vettel could expect from the red car after last years "experience".
Chris M Wanted a V-10

"Alonso's manager Luis Garcia Abad denied that dizziness could have been the cause of the crash.

"There was a tremendous wind," he told Spanish reporters, "and it pushed him against the wall.""

Too many baked beans for breakfast ???

Honda seem to be struggling to get their new engine to run cleanly.
If Alonso was sedated in preparation for the trip to hospital, how much medication did they give him if he needs to be kept in for over 3 days after the accident?  It's a little concerning that he has been in hospital for so long after what is allegedly a fairly mild crash, and I hope he's going to be OK

Alonso had just listened to an interminable briefing from Ron, and wanted to top himself.

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