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Chris M Wanted a V-10

F1 Game 2016 - US of A

So we head to Austin (Texas, not Allegro) for the next round.
Usual predictions for the top 10, pole and fastest lap.
Bonus question:
This is nominally the new HAAS team's home race, so how many complete race laps will their 2 cars complete in total?
(eg if both cars are eliminated on lap 3, the correct answer is 4, 2 laps for each car)

Pole: Hamilton
Fastest: Hamilton
Bonus: 57 laps

1) Hamilton
2) Rosberg
3) Ricciardo
4) Vettel
5) Verstappen
6) Raikonnen
7) Hulkenberg
8) Bottas
9) Perez
10) Alonso
Chris M Wanted a V-10

Pole: Hamilton
F/Lap: Hamilton
Bonus: 82

1. Hamilton
2. Rosberg
3. Vettel
4. Verstappen
5. Ricciardo
6. Hulkenberg
7. Raikkonen
8. Bottas
9. Kvyat
10. Sainz

Pole - Rosberg
F/L - Hamilton
Bonus - 100

1) Rosberg
2) Hamilton
3) Vettel
4) Ricciardo
5) Raikkonen
6) Bottas
7) Verstappen
8) Massa
9) Alonso
Big Blue

Pole: Hamilton
F/L: Hamilton
Bonus: 68

1. Rosberg
2. Vettel
3. Hamilton
4. Verstappen
5. Räikkönen
6. Ricciardo
7. Bottas
8. Massa
9. Button
10. Hulkenburg

Pole: Rosberg
Fastest lap: Rosberg
Bonus: 93

1. Hamilton
2. Rosberg
3. Ricciardo
4. Verstappen
5. Vettel
6. Raikkonen
7. Hulkenberg
8. Alonso
9. Perez
10. Bottas

1) Rosberg
2) Hamilton
3) Vettel
4) Ricciardo
5) Raikkonen
6) Perez
7) Verstappen
8) Hulkenberg
9) Gutierrez
10) Grosjean

Pole: Rosberg
Fastest: Rosberg
Bonus: The whole race x2 (can't be bothered to do the maths...)

A dark horse this weekend has been Hulkenberg. In the last sector the car’s balance and sweet turn-in is particularly evident, it tucks into the apex of the tight turn 15 with ease, and it looks stable and consistent through turns 16, 17 and 18. Hulkenberg’s high-fuel pace on Friday wasn’t too dissimilar to the Ferrari, and in qualifying he was under three-tenths behind Vettel. Hulkenberg is proving his worth having just signed for Renault.

However, with scorching track temperatures expected, tyre conservation will be critical. That’s where Perez has been historically stronger and therefore better in the races (a skill that might become a tad redundant in 2017, mind).

The super soft tyre had to be babied around on the outlap yesterday to avoid it losing performance half way around a flying lap. Those starting the race on it are going to have fun…
Chris M Wanted a V-10

The dark horse became unshod a little early in the race, I fear :-(

Yes what a shame for Hulkenberg. Perez scored points despite being spun out by Kyvat on the opening lap, illustrating the impressive pace of the Force India. With a clean start I believe it could have been Hulkenberg finishing fifth rather than Alonso. But Alonso, wow, if Woking give him something more competitive next year, he’s going to be dynamite. His fighting spirit is evident as ever.

“Investigation between Alonso and Massa” - why? Why would you “investigate” some fantastic racing?

“I was just doing the corner, and he just dived completely inside,” said Massa. Yep, believe it or not, that’s why it’s called automobile racing, and with the gap that Massa left to the inside, any other driver would have taken a lunge as well. And if Massa doesn’t like racing, the decision to retire seems all the more logical.

Well done to the TV director for switching to Raikkonen leaving the pits, just as Ericsson overtook Bottas. Even when we get some racing, they seem reluctant to show it.
Nice Guy Eddie

Quite liked Ricciardos name for Rosberg. Very pleased Alonso gave it some effort and took 5th. Had to laugh at poor Palmer whos team seem to have abandoned him in qualifying.

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