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Big Blue

F1 Austrian GP Photos

Wasn't sure whether to out this here or in the photo bit, so maybe I'll put it here a link in the photo bit. I took over 700 shots; gave already dumped about 300 and probably have another 300 to get rid of. There are a few that are so good I can only thank the camera and the lenses - I'm not that good a photographer.

The drivers have to get carted about on a lorry: they're so unfit they can't do anything else. Kimi is looking really interested in this part of the weekend and all the Spanish speakers stick together.

There was a pre-race procession of old Austrian-driver cars. Gerhard Berger and Niki Lauda were 2 of the drivers; Chrisitian Klien and Helmut Marko were others. Amusingly Marko had trouble getting out.

As ever there was some flying as well. This bloke was a mentaler Red Bull air race champion.

And these two were very fast and at one point did an 8-barrel-roll sequence

Obviously in this part of the world older planes are USAF ones as opposed to Luftwaffe ones....

On to the F1 stuff (I'll spare you the support races)


One of our host's cars

An explosion in a paint factory

Bottas: man of the weekend in reality

The grid. I have a video of the start in HD but need to reformat it to post it online.

Alonso tried to get close early on, but no hope really.

There were a lot of cars close together for about 5 laps

This was early on when Williams could've got their 1-2 if they'd risked their tyres a bit.

But Massa was supreme in his inability to take advantage of being in a really great F1 car.

You can imagine I took a lot of pictures of the Ferraris. I've even surprised myself at how many.

I should have posted the cropped version of this shot of JB - it's actually pretty good.

This was also too nice not to upload.


Bottas again

More Lewis: pit entry in the race

Poles apart from the leaders (sorry for pun but that pole has fecked about 50 shots)

When they go off they really throw some shite up. You really wouldn't want to be the driver behind.

Although they are utter rubbish, the Marussia is easily the best looking car.

One very happy boy on the podium. We were close enough to be able to get on the track and see the interview on the over-pit podium with Webber.

Hope you enjoyed looking, because as we know from Sniff Petrol: I was there; and you weren't.

The cars do sound different and less aggressive than the old ones but in reality they still sound like really fast cars. You can hear the bottoming out (the Ferraris especially on the final corner exit) but not the tyres unless there is a spin / pit exit.  They actually sound OK: the TV sound engineers need to go and stand away from their equipment and listen to see what sound they should be broadcasting. The cars are also still REALLY fast compared to the GP3 and GP2 cars. The section we sat in (final corner, seeing last 2 corners, pit entry, main straight and pits) it was clearly visible just how much faster the F1 cars are than the others.

Ho hum. Wait for next year's trip....... Probably Budapest.
Chris M Wanted a V-10

Pleased with the new camera, then ?
Big Blue

Chris M Wanted a V-10 wrote:
Pleased with the new camera, then ?

Yes. Looking at these shots as photobucket uploads doesn't come close to conveying the clarity and focus attained on some of them when viewed on the macbook. Astonishing when you consider how far from the cars I was and how lackadaisical I am with a camera.

I think the fact it's a much higher fps shot taker is important for my limited skills: one of those burst shots should be good †I was a bit remiss in not trying a whole heap of settings but it only arrived on Friday and I flew out on Saturday so it was still a bit "new toy" to think logically.

Excellent pics. Thanks for sharing BB.
Andy C

Great pics

Fantastic pictures, Jeff.

Turns 8 and 9 saw the most interesting action over the weekend Ė not sure if it was like that on Sunday. Drivers frequently ran wide in turns 8 and 9, Alonso and Vettel both had near misses in the final turn prior to Sunday.

Iím not surprised the cars still look a lot faster than the GP2/3 cars. The torque difference means the cars are a fair bit faster in a straight line compared to the V8 F1 cars in 2013. There has been a general trend of the cars being about 2 to 2.5 seconds a lap slower compared to last year, but at Montreal the cars were almost setting the same dry, low-fuel laptimes compared to last year. I think Spa and particularly Monza might see the same downforce loss being partly clawed back due to the higher top speeds.

It was nice to see the return of a circuit with relatively few corners. I think a few of Tilkeís circuits have too many turns that flow into each other which firstly arenít particularly interesting, and secondly they hinder passing. That makes it harder for drivers to stay close to one another with the aero wake. Abu Dhabiís sector three, Austinís sector three and Koreaís second and third sectors are cases in point.

I fear the new Russian circuit has similar characteristics. There appear to be two good passing opportunities, but it has slow-speed sequences that might make it tricky to stay with another car.

If I think about circuits like the short version of Sears Point in California, either layout of Watkins Glen, Portland International Raceway, Montreal Ė they donít particularly have a lot of turns but nobody craves 15 + turns or long laps on any of those circuits. Clearly there are exceptions; Spa, Road America, Bathurst being cases in point, but it is fair to say Abu Dhabi is not interesting or revered like those circuits. Bring back shorter road courses for Formula 1.
Dr. Hfuhruhurr

Great pictures, but that Ferrari is not only ugly, but I really don't like the black rear bodywork. Williams wins on looks and other things. And I bet Alonso wishes he was driving one, instead of it being driven by his former team mate.
Big Blue

Agreed on the black paint on a Ferrari racing car: just wrong.

Great pictures!

Big Blue wrote:
Agreed on the black paint on a Ferrari racing car: just wrong.

But preferable to McLarens battleship grey livery!
Chris M Wanted a V-10

gooner wrote:

But preferable to McLarens battleship grey livery!

I think that should be "Dennis grey" or "Ronspeak grey"

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