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F*** me. The Power of the Internet, - updated

New PAS pump fitted is 700. OK, more like 300 if I use a recon/used one (which the local garage is happy to fit) but I'm hoping this is the problem.

10 tops?

Got to be worth a try! Good luck!!
Alf McQueef

Don't knock the power of the internet. Does anyone remember when a large, esteemed local VAG specialist (always snigger when I type that) wanted 2k to change the turbo on my A4 2.0T - when in fact it was a rubber valve that had split, which cost 50 fitted? That was a massive internet save...

Good video, apart from the somewhat dodgy music
Good luck!

So, car went in yesterday and yes a 2 part fixed it!

2 plus about 1 hrs labour (45) and back to good as new.

Great result!

Would agree.  I had a gander at the '90 this week for the first time since I mothballed it two months ago.  The interior is pretty wet due to a leaking sunroof.

Could not find a part number for the sunroof seal.  Plenty of seals for the earlier roof with the snap type clip but none for the twist lock style roof like mine unless I fancied buying a whole new sunroof for 300 or a new frame for 200.

A Russian site has an interactive parts catalogue and I managed to track down a seal for 7 plus delivery.  I have ordered two.

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