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Alf McQueef

Evo: Alfa Giulia a better steer than latest 3 series

Quite a surprise!

I'm sure the BMW is a better ownership proposition in most regards and will outsell the Alfa hand over fist, but you have to say this is some step up from Alfa. Ferraris have been vastly better cars over the last 20 or so years than they used to, and it looks like Fiat group are actually capable of spreading the love given what has happened to Maserati and now Alfa.

A Quadrifoglio will be mine one day - but not new or nearly new, for sure!! The combination of RWD, decent ride, superb (and playful) handling when pressing on, ZF box, and so on was designed for me, though petrol prices would need to be a lot higher than they are now for me to want to lose the current engine.

The idea of owning a "sports lite" version of an A4/5, 3 series, C-class and so on leaves me lukewarm - I want cars like the Quadrifoglio and my current steed to keep being made - ones that are excellent, truly rapid, acceptable to run, and that depreciate fast enough to make them good used buys... Where is the XE "R" ?
Bob Sacamano

We're not here anymore...

A full...
Humphrey The Pug

And again

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