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Ever wished..

You got up earlier on New Years Day?

A late night (3am by the time I got to bed, albeit sober as I was the evenings designated driver) meant I surfaced around 11am.

A bit too late to make the Stony Stratford Classic Meet which kicked off around 10am.

Have a look at the sheer volume and variety of cars that took part!

I was still drunk when I got up on NYD so there was no chance in hell of me going anywhere.

Nice set - I will have a look later.

I was on the road at 7:45am on NY Day.  The roads were fantastic, especially around Birmingham, I was at my parents (Cheshire) just before 11am having been via Swindon.
Chris M Wanted a V-10

I too was up early on NYD but to catch the train to London to see the NYD Parade. There wasn't much traffic on the way to the train station going up, or on the return home

I was up all night at work...

I was up till 6.30 drunk/being sick/cleaning up sick*

*delete as appropriate

I went to bed at 11.50pm and was up at 5.30am. I then spent until 6.30pm in hospital with a prisoner who had been stabbed. He had also stabbed someone.

We had a great day with a drive up to Gleneagles for lunch in the Golf Club House (with the most attentive, helpful, polite, smiley, beautiful staff in any establishment I have ever visited) and then on to St Andrews for a couple of nights at the Old Course Hotel (where some of their staff could learn a thing or two from Gleneagles).

I was as sober as Nun. Watched the London fireworks on tv (weren't they utterly tremendous) and went to bed. Not a bad fireworks show round my area though given recent shenanigans with meth house being raided they could equally have been gun shots and I'd have not batted an eye lid.

Then again, I haven't had a night out for nearly 4 years (since 18th February 2012 - 2 days after my 40th birthday) and I haven't actually been in to a pub for nearly 3 years !!!, so doesn't come as any surprise to find myself in on New Years Eve and wake up at 8ish feeling like I do every other day

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