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Mrs P likes a bit of bat and ball and Eurosport has exclusive rights to the Australian Open. Looked on their website and it is 5.99 for one day's viewing, but 19.99 for a whole year! Picture's not brilliant, but good enough for 20 quid...

Re: Eurosport

simonp wrote:
Mrs P likes a bit of bat and ball .........

Too much information.

On what platform is it 20?

Is that through an Amazon Fire stick or through satellite?

Just an app for phone/tablet or to watch online. Not sure about the Fire Stick but you can Chromecast it. I've not found a TV in the house that has Eurosport app built in. I'm sure the one in the lounge had one, but it has obviously been removed during a software update.

I thought Eurosport was free?

If you find a free way of watching it anywhere, do let me know...

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