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DxO Pro 7

Version 7 of this post-processing tool has just been released and I am very happy with the trial version. So happy infact, that I may buy it.

I deliberately scewed the horizon and did not compensate for deep shadow due to the bright sky.


After automatic correction and horizon correction (30 Sec work)

Has anyone else used this (or a previous version) and what do you think?

The "after" image looked much better before resizing for upload. For example there was no moire visible on the corrugated panel to the left of all that glass. And the horizon line still needs a slight tweak (I went a little too far )
woof woof

I'd never heard of that. It looks ok and the price seems ok.

I use CS5 and most fiddling in the RAW converter.

Not one I've heard of either I must admit, nor can I see the pictures at work!  

I recently was given a copy of Elements9, and I'm struggling to have any liking for it at all.

I've got CS2 that I have recently started using again, and just took delivery (today!) of Lightroom3 - this last on the recommendation of DarthBalls, lately not of this parish!

I must admit though, on many occasions the tweaks available in iPhoto have sufficed for me; it's only when I really want to make something look really good that I resort to Photoshop and the like. Mind you, with the cost of the LR program I'll be doing a lot more with it!!
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When I couldn't get CS2 working on my new laptop and Adobe were ZERO help I trialed E9 and liked it but I found the lack of control and everything being done with presets frustrating. I also looked at lightroom but I found it t be cluttered to the point of being a mess. It looks more like a photo filing system to me with photo processing tacked on the end. I ended up buying CS5 for something like 600   I cried for a week.
Chris M Wanted a V-10

I also work with PSE9 and find it great; I'm sure that I am only scratching the surface of its capabilities. I've not even ventured into layers yet.  Lightroom, which I bought on offer direct from Adobe about a year ago uses a much more capable version of the RAW converter but it's not so user-friendly to use and does seem biased towards cataloguing your images, something that I don't want or need.
Given an unlimited supply of money, I'd love to get the full CS suite but I'd need a new, faster computer to run it on

DxO also has an extensive cataloging system but you don't have to use it. I could not get on with LR, it is just not intuitive to me. With DxO you download your camera body and various lenses and the programm does all corrections (distortion, CA, softness, vignetting and exposure, colour etc) automatically.

And it only costs $99.

I have CS 5 which I would still use for cleaning images such as unwanted distractions etc. I believe DxO can be run as a CS5 plug-in. I shall have to check up on that one.
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It's worthwhile looking at alternatives to CS5 as Adobe seem to be heading down a subscription route to milk customers for all they are worth.

There's a write up on what they're possibly up to on Thom Hogan's site, here...

Out of focus wrote:
It's worthwhile looking at alternatives to CS5 as Adobe seem to be heading down a subscription route to milk customers for all they are worth.

There's a write up on what they're possibly up to on Thom Hogan's site, here...

Some interesting stuff on his site. Thanks Alan.

I note he makes the point of these things costing (sic) tax money if you want to stay current. . If my experience with CS2 is anything to go by, I can't see there's anything missing from it that I personally would need.

Likewise with PSE - I have version 6 of that, and as I said recently, was given a copy of 9; I haven't done much with the 9 so far, but on first inspection the UI is identical in both, as are the main things I'd use.

As a (very) basic hobbyist photographer, I have no intention of forking out hundreds of pounds for a new program far less for annual updates. I think Adobe may well have shot themselves in the foot here.
woof woof

I think that the worry is that any future updates will not be available as free downloads as they are now so at some point in the future new updates wont be included, new camera and lenses wont be supported and maybe at some time it just wont work with whatever new version of Windows or even new hardware is the latest thing.

Also at the moment it costs much less to update and existing version of CS than it does to buy a new package and it looks like under the new regime you'll only be able to update if you have the previous version, or so.

I too liked CS2 but I do think that CS5 produces generally better results, the noise reduction is a big improvement. Bloody expensive though.

I've got CS5 but I don't use it for photography. Do you use the filter settings on there or are you doing something more fancy?

CS5 was free for me and I tend to use it to clone out things from images and that is about it. I used to use it to sharpen, adjust levels etc but DxO is much easier to use for this kind of stuff IMHO.

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