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Donington here I come!

Mon 18. July, full day, open pit lane on the GP circuit. 135 poonds.

Get in!

Going with a lad from work, him in his E46 M3 and me in the 260. Feel free to pop along if you so wish.  Booked with Focussed Events. Not sure about passenger costs, etc. But bring a lid and if it's possible you'll be welcome to some passenger laps.

I'll check my rota. I'll only be watching if I come as I'll likely have Phoebe with me.

The bugger of it is, I'm actually off that day! Sadly, distance and dog-sitting duties preclude me from attending.......

And, as is usually the case, I'm on nights. Arsecakes.

Nah, its only a short drive!

Just wonderin about some trackday cover now. I've always risked it without but wonder if my luck will run out!  Worrying now!!

I'm sure I'll be off that day but I'm not the greatest passenger. I very nearly barfed in the passenger seat of an Alfa GT at Knockhill despite the driver taking it fairly easy  

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