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I've added some pics to Twelfth's Scafell Pike thread and these are the best of the rest (given that they were all taken on a not very good phone camera)

Newby Bridge, where we were staying:

 photo IMG_20150907_102459645_HDR 2.jpg

A few views of Windermere, which was literally at the end of the garden of the place we rented. The hill in the first pic is called Gummer's How, more of that in a bit:

 photo IMG_20150907_111757880.jpg

 photo IMG_20150907_111808876.jpg

 photo IMG_20150907_161718763.jpg

 photo IMG_20150907_183415561_HDR.jpg

One day we went for a walk up to Finsthwaite High Dam:

 photo IMG_20150909_125659.jpg

 photo IMG_20150909_125824.jpg

From there we walked through the woods to Lakeside where we got a small ferry across to Fell Foot Park for a stroll and then we went up Gummer's How, as it was supposed to have great views over the lake. This was true:

 photo IMG_20150908_141613692_HDR.jpg

 photo IMG_20150908_141508349_HDR.jpg

 photo IMG_20150908_135415046_HDR.jpg

Looking the other way:

 photo IMG_20150908_141956394_HDR.jpg

Some cows resting on the path to the top:

 photo IMG_20150908_135511853_HDR.jpg

Some more right at the top, enjoying the view:

 photo IMG_20150908_142106080_HDR.jpg

The following day we went up to Patterdale to see an old work colleague of the party's. Apart from me, all had worked together at British Airways in the past. This was the only day that was overcast the whole week:

 photo IMG_20150909_140322779_HDR.jpg

 photo IMG_20150909_140343080_HDR.jpg

 photo IMG_20150909_142133865_HDR.jpg

 photo IMG_20150909_142422904.jpg

 photo IMG_20150909_145940555_HDR.jpg

 photo IMG_20150909_152846436_HDR.jpg

 photo IMG_20150909_152910396_HDR.jpg

 photo IMG_20150909_153122141_HDR.jpg
Twelfth Monkey

Just beautiful!  Next year's hols feel a long way away...

Tis a lovely place. Much nicer than when I was there in May. We had sleet, snow, rain, hail, wind and sunshine in those 6 days!

Where are you going next year?
Twelfth Monkey

As yet undecided.  Not the fucking West Country after this year's seven and a half hour return trip!  We tend not to repeat locations, but I'd love to go the The Lakes again.

South West is our usual destination as it's so easy to get to and not too far for the pooches to be stuck in the back of the car, but we changed this year. Cumbria was a good 7 hours each way, which isn't great for a less-than 300 mile journey...

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