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Alf McQueef

Cornwall 2014

A few snaps from our late August holiday...

Pothcurno beach on a calm but cold day

View from the top of the first hill in Cornwall, on the North Penwith Moors (a favoured ALF spot) overlooking Lands End

Mousehole (where we stay) Harbour at sunset

The Scillonian ferry, shot from the balcony of the house we stay in (which I'd happily stay in forever!)

More of Porthcurno - if you have not been there, go!

Long view to St Michael's Mount from the rocks200m  below the house we stay in, where Lu prefers rock pooling to beach visits
Twelfth Monkey

Lovely shots, just too many people on the beach!  I thought I'd really miss holidaying abroad when we got the mutts, but whilst I'd be lying if I said I hadn't missed it at all, I've missed it far less than expected.  This country has some great destinations, it's just not so hot (no pun intended) if you want to spend a lot of time at the poolside.
Alf McQueef

The Telegraph Museum near that beach (which is where all the original telegraph cables came into the UK) tweeted a pic yesterday of it in similar weather, totally deserted!

None of us are especially beach people - we do 2 or 3 afternoons there and that's it, per holiday. Thank god. The rest of the time we shop/tourist about/eat/walk/scramble on rocks/rockpool/cycle etc!
Big Blue

Nice photos.  I like visiting Cornwall when it looks like that.
Frank Bullitt

Looks fantastic and great shots. Mrs FB's cousin got hitched in Porthtowan, near Redruth in the middle of July and that was my first ever visit to Cornwall but I was hugely intrigued and wanted to see more - the journey down took 7.5 hours and I'd always thought for that time I'd rather go to France (Normandy is only 30 minutes longer!) but we will be visiting that part of the world again, possibly next Easter for a week - dare I ask where you booked or who through as we typically like lodge and caravan parks but quite fancy a house for a change.
Humphrey The Pug

Looks fabulous and lovely clear water too, we've always loved Cornwall and have been many times, we discussed it for this year however we went elsewhere for the same money.
Bob Sacamano

I love Cornwall. We used to go on our holidays there when we were kids and I went down for a day out last year and it brought back happy memories - particularly as the weather was wonderful.

I've never been to Cornwall but those photographs are just stunning.
Alf McQueef

Have a delve in:

I'm pretty sure it's "public". Some are quite old - scans of slides so not modern quality - but you'll get the gist.

I only started going back there after meeting Mrs ALF, and while the weather can be variable and I still miss foreign culture/food/history, Cornwall is amazing. The very end of Cornwall - the North Penwith Moors - are my favourite, the area between St Ives and Lands End is just stunning, with a preserved ancient field system and loads of pre-historical sites, hills with Tors on top, and a great coastline. Lovely.

Thank you. Really enjoyed looking at those. The coastal shots are particularly stunning.
Bob Sacamano

The Eden Project is pretty amazing too.
Big TC

I'm another one who loves Cornwall!

I've been to Porthcurno a couple of times - getting into the sea at high tide is somewhat dangerous, as I remember. Only for strong swimmers!

Amanda and my kids and I were last there about 7 years ago. We particularly enjoyed finding small out of the way beaches at the end of the smallest road there is on a road atlas!

Its somewhere I need to revisit, and soon. Love your pics.

The coastal scenery pictures look a lot like bits of the far Northwest of Scotland, apart from the people - there aren't any on beaches in that part of Scotland even in mid-summer.

Despite being a southerner, I only started visiting Cornwall relatively recently, but have covered a fair bit of it now. Great place for scenery, but some of the people are a bit odd. We're not going so far this year and have rented a place near Dartmouth in Devon. Hoping to do the steam railway thing down there where you get a boat to Totnes and then a steam train back.

simonp wrote:
...but some of the people are a bit odd...

Have to agree with that...  
Alf McQueef

simonp wrote:
some of the people are a bit odd.

Sounds like we are missing out on an interesting anecdote there!!! Pray tell!

I would like to stress that I have never met Simon...
Chris M Wanted a V-10

I can't afford a "proper" holiday this year after taking out loans to buy 2 cars !  However I have a week off later in September (things to do at home and with the cars) and also a week off in October when I'm contemplating driving round the Welsh cost. I hope that the weather is as good as in those Cornish shots; if it's going to tip it down, I'll probably end up staying at home
Andy C

Great pics.

Another fan of that part of the world.  I've flew a couple of times from birmingham to st mawgan for about 40. Turns a loooong drive into a 35 min plane ride .

We've stayed a bit further up also  - ilfracombe in devon is great too

Andy C wrote:
...ilfracombe in devon is great too

It is an actual offence to positively mention Devon in a thread about Cornwall!


Great pictures and very familiar, we visited all of those places when we were down there early August.  Had a very nice lunch in a little Bistro in Mousehole.

Alf McQueef wrote:
simonp wrote:
some of the people are a bit odd.

Sounds like we are missing out on an interesting anecdote there!!! Pray tell!

It's more second hand stuff really. Mrs P works in Cornwall quite a bit and says how weird Cornish folk are. Also met a couple who moved from Dorset to a place called Gorran Haven. They'd lived there for about 3 years and not one of their neighbours had ever spoken to them and when the woman took her kids to school all the other mothers blanked her. She hated it and wanted to go back, but his job was down there.

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