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They are amazing things, Chinooks. Let alone the size, the noise is really something. A loud "whoomping" noise from the twin rotors which seem to rotate at about 1/10th the speed of any other helicopter I've ever seen.

Between us and the River Severn, there is some land that the MOD own. They rent it out to farmers, but retain the right to periodically train on it (blank fire and no tracked vehicles, so all very low key), and also to use it for helicopter training from RAF Shawbury.

Usually it is small pilot training helicopters. But today, as I was working from home,  I heard that unique Chinook sound. There were two Chinooks practising landings in the clearings in the woods on the MOD land. I took these shots (with 300mm zoom) from the velux window in my study.  

Chris M Wanted a V-10

They regularly fly close to my home, as I'm not far from RAF Odiham where I believe that many of them are based.  They certainly make a distinctive noise, but it's not as pleasant as the one made by Concorde which used to fly more-or-less directly over my house on its way from Heathrow to the USA
Twelfth Monkey

Regularly see them when out and about, though usually high enough that they don't sound much different to anything else.

I often see them flying over north/east London.
Alf McQueef

We don't have many - interesting so many people see them about! I think our smaller helicopters were not really up to the ranges, altitudes and loads needed in Afghanistan so the Chinooks got more focus.

The ones from Odiham often fly near here - they follow a regular flight path not far behind the house and do a lot of night-time flying.
Twelfth Monkey

Not my own snap, but one of these yesterday:


A good mate of mine pilots them out of Odiham.  Mrs Scamper is a qualified Flight Nurse so spending some time in those is a option as a next posting.

There were a few low, slow and very noisy passes of Typhoons at my folks yesterday.

I miss the days when Phantoms would chase each other above that part of the country.
Frank Bullitt

We see Chinooks occassionally - they use a school-field nearby during the holidays for practicing their touch-down landing (where the helicopter kisses the ground, the drop is made and they fly off).  

They make an awsome sight/ sound.

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