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Cheap Scirocco 2.0TDi R Line

I don't know how anyone makes money leasing at these prices, unless there are massive up front discounts:

Blimey - no deposit and 24 months. That is very cheap.

Must be well over 30% discount, or they don't actually have any.

The local VW fanboy yoof seem to have a big like for the Sirocco. They are driven twattishly. Cheap leasing is the reason so many have them.  Possibly.

Those are 28k new at list price.
The cost of that is 5600 over 2 years.
Assume that VW are offering big incentives as the Scirocco is so old, even if it was only 25% that means you end up with a 2 year old car that owes 15k, or 53% of list price.

I can't see something with a VW badge being that cheap at 2 years old?

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