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Alf McQueef

Cat in Wales

It was time for the annual pilgrimage to Coed y Brenin last weekend, in incredibly good weather this time. Unfortunately the cottage is so far away from a proper road, and we were sufficiently busy, I did not get a go in my friend's B8 RS4, or him in the XFR, but we will manage it another time!

Anyway, some pics below, and I won't write chapter and verse about the XFR, suffice it to say, this is what it was made for - a journey made up of two hours of steady motorway then 4 hours of blasting right up through Shropshire and Wales mostly on B roads, and in light traffic. I have done this journey in the GTA (very nice, would probably feel slow now, not the quietest on the motorway), A4 (gutless and restless), 330i (too ponderous in "D" and a bit manic in "sport"; lacking torque). The XFR just ate it up - the excellent gearbox, and it's programming to change down much more readily on the way into corners automatically, meant that there was always enough urge on corner exit for the 3/4 pace I go at with the bikes on the roof (that's my 3/4 pace, still pretty rapid!) without needing opaddle shift or sport mode. The ride was exceptional on all the cacky tarmac, and you can never have too much power allied to loads of instant torque - I managed to clear traffci queues on the way into almost every nice twisty bit and had a great drive back. I used vast amounts of fuel (22 ish) and no small amount of oil, but my god was it worth it!


I know those B8s are supposed to be inferior to B7s but by god that looks good.

Cat not looking too shabby either!
Alf McQueef

Added the rest now...

The RS4 looks lovely indeed, and with a "tart button" it sounds amazing as well. In fact, starting them both from cold to come home sounded like a pit lane!

Inside the RS4 felt a little cramped compared to the XFR, but beautiful. However, from what I have read about the gearbox and ride, as well as it not feeling especially fast at low revs, the 10k DSG replacement, and the massive price it commands SH, I think I made the right choice for me!
Chocy Rocky

Great to see you had some good weather too.
Andy C

Great pics James

XFR sounds awesome

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