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Caption Game 5

Dr. Hfuhruhurr

Chitty Chitty Zoom Zoom
Racing Teatray

"This week, on Blue Peter...."

Alan's new daily

I was thinking that kraft.  There must be a sexual inuendo in there somewhere?    Helping him look down womens tops maybe?

DradusContact wrote:
...Helping him look down womens tops maybe?

I don't think Alan limits his "prey" to just women...    
Racing Teatray

On which note...."Introducing the new Mazda MX-Battywagen"....

Gibbs decided to turn their attention to the aero-car market after flopping in the aquatic car business.

"The aero-industry has decided to turn its attentions towards the female market in this time of economic slowdown"

And here she comes! The Flying Hairdresser!

With an injection moulding set and a couple of rotary washing lines Alan had found himself a way around squashing those fluffy bunnywunnies on the way to work.

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