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Pip II

Caption Game 2

Humphrey The Pug

"Let me see, one White and one Asian Police Officer, is that the correct mix!?"

Aren't you going to arrest me for playing pocket billiards?
Pip II

"????????????????????? Ah. . .yes"
canadian bacon

2 bobbies in the same place? thats a convention these days.....
Big TC

"Oh, ah... do you play wiff-waff where you come from?"
Racing Teatray

"Gosh, that's a jolly large idea - mascots for the met - but does a golliwog really send out the right message?"
Dr. Hfuhruhurr

Shucks, I thought Racing would be the only one educated enough to supply a caption in Latin ...

Yes, the congestion charge camera can go here.  Any more than 3 people meeting in the same place count as a vehicle and can be charged.
Racing Teatray

Ok then: "Recedite plebes, gero rem gubernationem"

Which I think roughly translates as "Stand aside peasants for I am on official business"!
Dr. Hfuhruhurr

Did you see his "wiff waff" speech on HIGNFY? The man is a genius ...

"Mmm is that Barry Evans from Eastenders and a chubby Alex Ferguson behind me?"

" last! The strippers."

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