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Caption Game 10


The Red Cross.

Not sure why it didn't work, but I have uploaded it to this site Rodge...

This is what happens when you meet your gay lover on Second Life.

Ricky Hatton begins the slow road back to fitness...

When Barry stated he wanted to have a go at Wii boxing, his dim-witted manager misunderstood him and set him up against a long streak of piss.

"Hey, that's unfair... Long and Skinny's got bigger gloves than me..."
Racing Teatray

"The official 2009 Labour Party Christmas Card features Peter Mandelson showing John Prescott his famous "Mitten Crab" move"

If you don't know what I mean:


Considering 'Prescott' above is as big as a house, I should imagine the rent on that boy is very high...

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