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Camera comparisons.

As I've just bought a sexy new camera I thought I'd do some comparisons.

These are round about 100% or so crops but it varied to make them more or less the same size.

1 - 20D, 50mm f1.4 at f8.
2 - GF1, 20mm f1.7 at f4.
3 - LX2 at f4.5.
4 - Ixus 82 at god knows what settings, it says f4.

The Ixus has made a complete mess of it and even at ISO 100 there is noise, plus the exposure seems to be off.

There's obviously some in camera processing going on in the GF1 and the exposure is a little too punchy, but it's still great with lots of detail.

The LX2 does surprisingly well at ISO 100.

The 20D shades them all IMVHO, but the GF1 is bloody good and the LX2 is by no means shabby at base sensitivity.

I notice a difference between my compact and the SLR.

The Canon compact nearly always produces perfectly exposed shots that are perhaps a bit over-processed.

The Minolta's processing is great but indoors it tends to under expose by up to a stop and the auto white balance is useless.  Outdoors it is fantastic under virtually any light condition.  I have come to the conclusion that artificial light throws it off and quite often bracket when shooting indoors.

Why not just leave WB set to auto and shoot RAW? That's what I do.

The GF1 seems to make a better stab at WB than my 20D, which is useless at WB under artificial light. The version of Silkypix I got with the LX2 struggles to correct WB but the new version I got with the GF1 works fine. I've never had a WB issue in natural light.

I was a bit surprised at how badly my IXUS has done here. I suppose that the whole shot doesn't look too bad apart from being a bit dark but the crop shows how much noise is present and of course things will only get worse, at least at 100% or so, if I lighten it. I suppose this just shows that a relatively cheap compact just can't compete with the better stuff or stand up to a heavy crop, even the small sensor LX2 blitzes it.

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