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camera advice

my eldest is studying photography in London ,and being the soft touch that I am ,I agreed to buy him a new camera for his 21st birthday .
I have no knowledge at all about this stuff,but he would like a nikon because he currently has one so is familiar with the way it works .

I haven't looked but I guess this kind of stuff is expensive,therefore I would appreciate any advice ,in particular what would be the most 'future proof'.

I'd ask your son. If you've agreed to buy him it then you're not going to ruin the surprise so he might be in the better position to know what he needs having got set up in the course.
Chris M Wanted a V-10

The most future-proof at least cost will be the D7000 as it has the in-body focus motor. None of the  D3000-series or D5000 series has such a motor, so you will need Nikon AF-S lenses for those if you want auto-focus.
If however you will only be using newer lenses, then the D3300 is a great starting point; even the older D3200 is more than respectable.

he did mention the d7000,albeit in a 'its great but very expensive' sort of warning.

I believe the current model is the D7100 but rumours are it will be replaced with a d7200 soon which should mean deals available.

Of course expensive is relative but body only (if he has lenses) it is not a very expensive camera in the scheme of things and should be more 'future proof'

If you have the opportunity to purchase from the US it can often save a lot of money on certain models with the current exchange rate.


D7000 has good reviews, though as Clunes says since superseded by the D7100 and a D7200 out soon, if it isn't already. There's also a D750 just out too.

I reckon either go with what he's asking (I presume he'll have researched want vs need!) or read up some comparisons for yourself and then choose.

For the enthusiastic amateur (in which camp I am comfortably ensconced, thanks for asking!) any of these cameras would be a cracking piece of kit to have. For the budding professional though it's a different story - buy the aboslute best you feel comfortable getting for him, but be prepared for the really expensive bit .......... lenses!!
Alf McQueef

I'm a Canon person so can't really help - except that even quite similarly priced models can have different purposes (my recent DSLR is more suited to landscape than sports, for example, with some odd spec details like no internal flash). What you are going to do with it makes a big difference even at similar price points.

Ended up with a Nikon d610 ,a 24-85mm lens and a 50-500mm zoom lens,as well.
Chris M Wanted a V-10

He's a very lucky young lad! Still  there's now no reason for wanting an upgrade for a good few years

franki68 wrote:
Ended up with a Nikon d610 ,a 24-85mm lens and a 50-500mm zoom lens,as well.

Very nice indeed! Been toying with a bigger zoom ofr mine (along with another body!), but not quite managed to convince myself of the need. Yet.

If he's willing, why not get him to post some of his work on here - with appropriate copyright watermarks embedded, of course!
Big Blue


I've been thinking about selling my lenses and getting a canon 28-300L as the big camera only gets used for sporting stuff and other "events".

That said I like "stuff" so might retain multiple lenses....
Chris M Wanted a V-10

You can never have too many lenses

or too many cameras !

He is lucky, but my parents and in laws chipped in as well so he's ended up with a useable present that will hopefully help his career.better than getting him a play station or something .
The course he is on is very well connected , he's just been shooting at London fashion week.

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