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C4 Grand picasso. Should i or should I not?


I'm really like the look of a C4 Grand Picasso 1.6 HDI (2014). Everything looks perfect but I'm slightly worried about the digital dash and
control touch screen.

This tech looks excellant but I'm looking to keep the car for 10 years or more. Going on my experience, tech easily goes wrong, slows or become obsolete. If something goes wrong with the control touchscreen etc it's more catastrophic than manual knobs and buttons

Has there been many issues with the digital dash on this model or previous versions of the grand Picasso?
How often are software upgrades needed? How much on average would they cost? Could you live without any of the software upgrades?

Any encouraging words or otherwise about the fallability of the tech on the C4 Grand picasso?

How much would it be to replace the dash or control console if needed?

Thanks in advance
Bob Sacamano

As it happens we have a resident Grand Picasso expert so you've come to the right place.

In the meantime there will most likely be an owners' forum that will give you the heads up on any common faults and easy/cheap fixes.
Frank Bullitt

There is a known issue for late 2014-build 'B78' Picasso/ Grand Picasso models with the touch screen although CitroŽn will replace this under warranty - it can be evidenced in a couple of different ways; either it regularly re-boots for no reason or lines start to appear across the display, it is a result of a faulty batch and well documented on-line. Be aware that if you try to download software on-line and do it then the warranty is voided...

However, your question is generic for all cars now - the infotainment which is cutting edge in 2017 will be from the ark given a decade.

Otherwise, the 'B78' is a superb car and I have no doubt in recommending one
Alf McQueef

Almost every issue I have had on a modern car has been a repeat issue with that model, that came up quickly when googling common issues and lurking on forums. They seem to fail in quite a consistent manner. So Google away!

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