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woof woof

bye bye then.

I've just logged on and noticed little activity and then found the thread about the forum closing...

Although I've not been a particularly active member in recent years I can see how the regulars will miss it and I hope that the community lives on somewhere...

I'll miss some of the posters, Hump, Chris M, BeN and others so I wish you all well!

And if anyone is reading this... I hope all goes well... My big news is that I'm getting married soon to a beautiful lady who for the last 4 years has been and hopefully forever will be my soul mate...

Best wishes and bye bye.

Congrats Alan.

We are all well, and have moved on to somewhere else now. If you wish you can find us, somewhere on the Interwebs.

I wish you well too, whether you decide to join us or not.

Come along to the new forum


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