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Humphrey The Pug

Button to retire from F1

It seems that Button has decided to call time on his F1 career:

Probably explains his very upbeat mood this weekend, he definitely seemed very relaxed and up for a bit of fun, I guess being in charge of ones future; as opposed to being strung along until the last minute last year, makes you a more relaxed and happy person.

It will be sad to see him go, that really only leaves Alonso, Kimi and Massa as the "old timers".
Twelfth Monkey

I remember seeing him in an F3 race at Donington more years ago than I care to remember.  He's always seemed like a nice guy to me, and I'm glad he got his shot at the championship and took it.

Can't say this surprises me. He's had a pretty unlucky career at times and apart from the Brawn season has not had a car to match his ability. The same will probably be said of Alonso when he retires too. Three world championships between the pair of them doesn't do justice to their talent.

Button has driven some outstanding races during his time in F1 and it just a shame that the last three years have effectively been a waste of time. Still, Iím excited to see young blood at McLaren. They have too many junior drivers and not enough F1 seats, but even Button leaving wonít full solve that problem. Vandoorne v Kevin Magnussen seems to be conundrum at present if Magnussen stays within McLaren. Even though Vandoorne is almost certain to win the GP2 title this year, he hasnít stood out like other GP2 drivers. Now, I partly think that is GP2ís fault, but when you saw Hamilton and Rosberg drive when they won the championship, you knew they were stand-out drivers.

I liked the way Magnussen drove last year, and he was commanding in WSR in 2013 as well, so I think he deserves another shot at McLaren. He wasnít frightened to nudge Alonso off the track at Spa last year; Kevin has an aggression that Vandoorne lacks a little IMO.

Button would make a perfect fit at the Toyota WEC team in Cologne. His experience of helping to developing F1 cars would be invaluable to them, and Toyota has a few drivers who will retire soon. He would again be linked to a Japanese company which seems to suit him well. He would even get to race his old mate Webber, but with the way Porsche are performing in WEC, he might be staring at the rear wing of the 919 for a while!

It could be Gutierrez v Vergne for one of the Haas seats. No contest, Vergne all the way. Just a couple of weeks after finishing with Toro Rosso in Abu Dhabi last year, he made his debut in Formula E and led much of the race despite having barley any miles in an FE car. I think he's a great driver and deserves another shot in F1.

He has confirmed he is staying at McLaren.
Big Blue

I read that he confirmed he's the only premium brand driver willing to drive that shite for another year and charged Ron an extra $5M for the privilege.

I am sure there will be some major improvements by Honda over the winter especially now they are over the ludicrous 1st year development restrictions.

Fingers crossed for a successful last year in F1 for JB.
Nice Guy Eddie

Even if Honda sort out their engine theres little guarantee that McLaren will provide any sort of decent chassis going on the performance of the last few years under Mercedes

At the end of the day Jenson has had loads of experience driving around in a shitbox of a Honda so he's less likely to complain about it.

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