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Do you know what it looks like when a Mercedes E320 cdi chews up and spits out its turbo? I do...

Lots and lots of smoke. And some noise.

Now in with a recommended independant specilaist who is fitting a new turbo. 1,100.

If it's only (!) 1100, you're lucky the engine didn't ingest various bits of shrapnel as well. The bill for Bigger Reggie shatting it's turbo was 1700.

Ahhh, bugger indeed.   How many miles has it done?

When the turbo went in the 520d, I just lost power, it didn't throw any smoke out.  Did you manage to get home?
Frank Bullitt


Any idea on the cause (mechanical fault, blocked oil line, servicing etc.?)

It's a common ocurance for poorly serviced DV6 engines (PSA, Ford, Mazda, Volvo 1.6 diesel) and the whole replacement it 2k due to every oil pipe, strainer and so on being replaced, along with the sump being removed.

Ouch. Any warranty?

Nasty.  Hope it's the exhaust side and the engine hasn't ingested anything.

Ouch! As said above, let's hope that the engine hasn't taken any damage.

The solution is easy - nice big E500 estate instead. Spend the money of fuel and not turbos......  

Sorry to hear that. However everyone I know who has had a 280 or a 320 CDi has had the same problem at higher miles. The 350CDi owners don't appear to have suffered in the same way. I hope it is a straightforward job. Fingers crossed.

I understand it was the exhaust side, so no nasty bits inside the engine. Don't know what caused it othr than that fabled German build 'quality'. I would have expected it to have lasted longer than 84,000 miles.

What mileage? Always a risk above 100K I reckon.

At least you've got a very reasonable price for replacing the Turbo
Twelfth Monkey

Sorry to hear about this.  I suspect that there are a lot of cars made now that will end up hurting their 2nd/3rd/4th/etc owners because more complexity increases the chance of faults.

The best thing to do with turbo cars is to keep them spinning as fast as possible, that way the only damage will be exhaust side.

Unfortunate news, I'm waiting for the inevitable bang and puff of smoke from the Postbox, but it seems to be immortal.
Big Blue

Bad luck but look at the cost across the ownership period of the vehicle as opposed to a one off. If you'd bought a new one that turbo is a mere 2 months payments.
Resident Spanner

Common issue with a lot of Merc (And VAG) diesel turbos once they get past the 60-70k mark.

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