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Bristol / bath

Anyone live in either ?
My son starts a new job in a few weeks ,he's looking at living in either place.Bristol means an hour commute each way and Bath a 30 minute commute.
He's 21 and wants to live somewhere with Young people ,we're looking at clifton in Bristol ,Bath is more problematic as I believe car access/parking  is tricky and the traffic can be horrendous,but its 1/2 hour less commute.
Any local knowledge would be appreciated.
Chris M Wanted a V-10


Where's he going to be working? SimonP should have a little more knowledge of the area but it's 20 years plus since I lived that way in Wiltshire

Chris M Wanted a V-10 wrote:

Where's he going to be working? SimonP should have a little more knowledge of the area but it's 20 years plus since I lived that way in Wiltshire

Work is in trowbridge,I've mentioned chippenham but he wants to be somewhere 'young and lively ' ,I have no idea about chippenham.
Bob Sacamano

I went to Bath once, strange place, the people who lived there didn't seem to know how to say the name of their city, pronouncing it "Barth" with a superfluous "r" in it. Very weird.

Anyway, to answer your question, I'd go for Bristol, better value accommodation and more of a "happening" city from a young person's point of view.

Where will he be working?

In terms of "Young people's City" then Bristol wins hands down. Just been and looked at both for my son's uni choices and Bristol was the clear winner on all fronts, Bath very pretty but very old demographic, more expensive, less going on and traffic nightmare.

But.....if he's working to the East of Bath then I'd consider Swindon too. I suspect plenty of youngsters there, much cheaper to live, faster commute and I'm sure plenty going on.

Martin can answer properly.

The other factor I'd be considering is where his work mates live, if he is likely to socialise with them. Maybe just get a B&B for a few weeks whilst learning the areas and before committing to something which could put him off the job (e.g. 1 hr commute).

EDIT - scrub that lot, seen he's working in Trowbridge. Bristol commute will be a nightmare to there, Bristol traffic can match Bath's at the wrong time of day. Bath is only option I'd say and commute should be OK if he lives on the right side of Bath. Went to Chippenham recently and wasn't that impressed but perhaps there is more to it than I saw.

My Mum lives near Trowbridge.  I used to live in Bristol in the early 90s, and Swindon in the mid 90s.

Chippenham is apparently a shithole.

Agreed on the commuting from Bristol, forget it, it would really piss him off after a while.  Bath is nice, I'm sure there's plenty of young and lively things going on, as well as it being a nice place for his folks to visit him.

Traffic in and out is a shocker though, probably OK if he doesn't mind getting up VERY early.

Trowbridge itself is an average to slightly downmarket town, but there are still quite nice places to live in/nearby and it depends what he's truly looking for in terms of his evenings and weekends.  Would he be better off living close to work and then going into Bristol (etc) for weekends?  Certainly likely to be cheaper and less hassle.

Devizes is quite nice but probably not young and lively.  Melksham's not very nice by comparison.  Swindon's OK but possibly a bit too far away, and it's not as nice as either Bath or Bristol.

I'd probably have a good look at Trowbridge itself, Devizes, and then think about whether I really wanted to be in Bristol or Bath.
Nice Guy Eddie

I know Bristol from 20 years ago when I used to visit all my Uni mates down there.

Clifton is very nice but doesn't have a lot going on for a 20 year old as the demographic tends to be more 30 somethings.

However the whiteladies road Redlands area I understand is wall to wall students and posh totty which should be more up his street.

Ed is quite right.  I used to go there a lot in my early 20s, especially if I was injured and therefore not trying to be an athlete.
Big Blue

Bob Sacamano wrote:
I went to Bath once, strange place, the people who lived there didn't seem to know how to say the name of their city, pronouncing it "Barth" with a superfluous "r" in it. Very weird.

I've heard people pronounce it wrongly too, mainly those from north of London. Bit like the correct pronunciation of "scone".

I've been to Bristol. Thought it was shit with revolting 60s architecture permeating the landscape.

Another advantage of living in Trowbridge is that he could then get the train into Bristol or Bath for his socialising.  Only takes about 20 mins into Bath and about 35 mins into Bristol.  I'd look into that idea if it was me.

I don't think Devizes has a railway station any more.
Alternatively he could take the train into work from Bristol or Bath...

Who's the job with?

I've spent a fair bit of time in Barth - my wife and my daughter were in uni there  - but I think you can only really get to understand an area when you live there - and just because one area is 'more happening' doesn't necessarily mean that's where you will fit in and like the people enough to socialise with them, plus my experience of Bristol (only staying) is that it feels very different in the city centre for instance to the docks area, which feels different to the more out of town places.

I would try and start off with perhaps something that's close to work to ensure no commuting hassle but not to difficult to move from once he gets to know the area better.
Alf McQueef

I've known both reasonably well over the years - some friends went to Uni in Bath, and I've visited both quite often over the last 10 years. I think they are both really nice cities with a lot going for them, and you could do a lot worse than live in either! Bristol has a more obvious young person vibe in some ways, but with big Unis they both have plenty going on. With Bath, if you can just live on the edge - or just out of town - on the side which is the direction you need to drive off in for your commute, it can make a massive difference.

I always enjoy my visits to Bristol but Bath is a simply beautiful place, and in lovely (if you like hills) countryside, if he's not too young to appreciate that. Good rugby team to watch too...

Thanks all,some useful info which helps.
Pretty certain he will go for bath ,though it's a bugger finding stuff to rent there ,very expensive .

Stunts ,it's with Danone .
Chris M Wanted a V-10

Bob Sacamano wrote:
I went to Bath once, strange place, the people who lived there didn't seem to know how to say the name of their city, pronouncing it "Barth" with a superfluous "r" in it.

Much like those in Bristol pronouncing it "Brizzle" ?

Bath is an interesting place to visit, not sure about living there due to anti-car attitude, but then it was designed before road transport became popular, I suppose, so not that easy to make it suitable for traffic to flow through.  If he could get somewhere in the centre so he didn't need a car to get into/around the city, so much the better.

Bristol seems to have undergone a lot of modernising and new building work in the recent past, whilst still maintaining some of its older buildings.  It's far bigger than Bath, so consider the pluses and minuses.  Roads from Bath to Trowbridge don't look as good as those from Bristol.....

I mostly agree with Stunter's comments. If he has a car then living in Bristol or Bath will mostly be a pain in the arse. City life is great for socialising, but not getting about. I'd much rather live outside a city and go there for the evening than put up with it 24/7. Bristol doesn't look all that far from Trowbridge on a map, but at the wrong time of day it can be a two hour drive. I'll drive to Bath, but will only get a train to Bristol these days. It can take well over an hour to drive from one side of Bristol to the other. Bath is an old city and parking can be problematic, as already pointed out. I'd really be looking at living in Trowbridge, Westbury or Bradford and getting a train into either of the cities at the weekend for socialising. Best of both worlds...

Mrs PG's nephew was at uni in Bath. I think a lot of the below are suspiciously true..... he certainly inhaled a few times.....

I don't know Bristol at all, so cannot comment but ex Mrs R's daughter is at Barth Spa uni. In fact, I'm heading there tomorrow with her, to collect the key for her student house before she starts the 2nd year in September. It's not cheap but as a city it generally seems very nice athough I thought last time I went earlier in the summer that bits of the city centre looked really quite dirty. There is, of course, lots of young people due to the 2 universities. The amount of very attractive young ladies didn't escape my notice. They were not that prevalent at Huddersfield in the early 90s.

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