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BMW Art Car Collection

An exhibition of BMW Art Cars currently occupies an NCP car park in Shoreditch. It was fantastic to see these cars:


Brilliant pics Sav! When is it on to? really should don my thick rimmed specs, have my trousers fall out with my shoes, and pop over.

Thanks Phil, the exhibition started last Saturday and runs until 4th August. Well worth going if you're in the area, which I was. It wasn't very far my sister's place, so it seemed like a no-brainer.
Chris M Wanted a V-10

Re: BMW Art Car Collection

Sav wrote:

Did BeN have something to do with this one?

Now if it weren't for those flaming olympics, I might google to see where abouts this car park is, and travel there next Saturday

If it weren't for the Olympics those cars wouldn't be there ! Great shots Sav.

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