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Alf McQueef

Bluebells today - today is a day for Blue

I'm going to try linking to a FB album for a change - let me know if you can't see it!

We went to our local woodland on bank hol Monday to catch the bluebells. It was like a sea of purple!

We went up to Ashridge Estate for a walk with the dogs (we have a recent canine addition I've failed to update the forum about) on Bank Holiday monday and the bluebells there were (as always) incredible.

I only had my phone cam with me and we didn't walk to the best area so failed to get anything more than a snapshot.

This is actually from last year but gives an indication and the carpet spreads for 100's of yards in some directions - stunning.


I had a very nice meal and pint (or several) in The Bluebell pub somewhere near East Kirby a few years ago.
Andy C

Nice shots

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