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Bish bash bosh ..........

So, after an 11-month wait, went to see John Bishop at the SSE Hydro in Glasgow last night.

Long been a fan of his, and enjoyed his DVD's (several times over!), and we weren't disappointed last night either. A very funny guy (IMHO) and the 2 hours stage time flew by - even the slightly negative reports about the venue I've heard didn't materialise I'm pleased to say. Highlight has to be the 35000-feet shower; it'll probably be on the DVD when it comes out ........

....... only a bit over a year to go to see Kevin Bridges at the same venue!!    
Humphrey The Pug

I find him funny, however in small doses, Tina loves him and taped one of his shows, I got bored after about 45 minutes.

I've seen Jimmy Carr twice, he's great.
Bob Sacamano

Kevin Bridges is great - I saw him at Newcastle City Hall a couple of years ago. We were offered seats in the front row but fortunately declined and went in the second.

I saw John Bishop several years ago (before he was on TV) at an awards dinner.  He only did a 30 min set, but it based around the subject of the awards dinner and was very funny.
Humphrey The Pug

The last time I saw Jimmy Carr I had two pints before I went in; me and lager don't mix and it goes straight through me.

I needed a wee as soon as I sat down and out of fear for being picked upon if I got up I sat there for an hour and a half in pain as I was desperate for the loo, it was not nice.

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