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Big Depreciators

Racing's recent purchase threads have got me looking at 4GC's (too expensive still as not old enough) and then the older A5/S5 Sportbacks.

But I was suprised by how well the A5's seem to hold their value and even for £10-£15K you are looking at a very leggy one (100K plus miles).

As usual this meant:

a) A bit of budget creep starts sinking in.
b) A belief that bigger stuff is better value as it's less in demand, but also generally better spec'd when new.

So at that point I start looking at A7s which seem better value than A5's.

The problem with both of those is that many came with just 4 seats which isn't really practical for us and seems odd to me in a 5 door car.

At which point I remembered that whilst the CLS has the same issue, the CLS sportback has 5 seats.

The Sportback is the answer to the question no-one asked and a quick look at AT shows that this is recognised is used values which seem extremely good value.

This one appealed particularly:

I don't think you can go wrong with a CLS - it is basically an E Class so pretty robust and well proven with great cruising ability and space. The 350CDi is also a pretty quick place to be and if you aren't too bothered about clipping every apex and leaving everyone behind, it's a very comfortable way to get around. Rear door access can be a bit tight for tall people because the door opening is a good bit lower than you might expect but I like them.

I think you will find that the later A7's and A5's came with 5 seats except in S or RS form for some reason. The A7 can feel pretty hard and brittle in its ride on big wheels but it s nice cabin.

I'm a big fan of the CLS, and that was what I originally wanted when I got the E500. The original CLS is still one of the best looking cars of all time IMHO, unfortunately the lack of 5 seats meant the CLS ended up being a none starter.

Now, I do like clipping every apex but.....intially I was looking at SUV's and I don't think any of those have the best handling, so I've started looking at larger estate cars. A nice E60 545/550 might also be a route to go as these also offer a lot of car for the money.

The CLS's generally seemed to be well spec'd mainly as the initial spec is so good (e.g. Adapative lighting standard on AMG spec) and I'll confess I like the idea of driving something that's not a regular a sight on Britain's roads.

The A7 has always appealed looks wise though but just harder to find in a good spec at the right price (and with the 245 engine).

The search continues....but I intend to find a CLS/A7 over the holidays to have a look at.
Bob Sacamano

Audi always offered offered the option of 5 seats for your A5. Our FD ordered one with that box ticked as he has 3 kids and it came in with the 2 rear seats option. Audi had to re-order a car and do a swop 8 weeks later when the correct one arrived.

When we went to look at the CLS Estate, Lindsay said it looked like a hearse and that's all I see now on the rare occasion I spot one on the road! † It's nicer inside than an E Class, but I didn't drive one so don't know whether it's any better, but I didn't like my bosses E220 I drove fairly regularly.

When I was looking, a Martin spec CLS350 Estate was £45k after discount, so £23k after nearly 4 years doesn't seem like huge depreciation to me.

That's interesting. What level of discount was that?

About 20% iirc, which was broadly the same as the 535d. †Just looked on broadspeed and the discounted price is £42,000 so adding the Premium Plus pack would take it up to £45,000. †

Some good pre reg bargains on the 5 Series, well specced 536d saloons from £37,000 eg Knights South Staffs have one with M Sport Plus, Professional Nav, Variable damper control, comfort seats, Nappa leather and HUD. †The estates are a bit more, e.g. £42,000 for one with VDC, M Sport Plus, Professional Nav, Panoramic Roof, Tow Bar.

530d's are cheaper, from £33,000 for a decent spec saloon and £39,00 for the estate.
Racing Teatray

I do like those CLS shooting brakes. Mrs RT does not, however, and that, combined with Merc's unwillingness to offer a decently powerful petrol version other than the full-fat AMG63 version, ruled it out.

Unsurprisingly these rate highly with me. The example above is very nice indeed, altough the lack of a sunroof and HK sound would rule it out for me.

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