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Dr. Hfuhruhurr

Best frontmen

Further to discussion elsewhere, and given Q's hopeless list, who would you say are the best band front-persons? Off the top of my head, in no particular order:

Freddie Mercury
Mick Jagger
Robert Plant
Roger Daltrey
David Bowie


James Hetfield
Phil Anselmo
Layne Staley
Phil Lynott

Jack White
Ziggy Stardust
Josh Homme

The last three are purely personal opinion based on my music collection, as I don't have any Stones, but will seek to rectify it at some point. Gimme Shelter was a great eye opener to their early stuff.
Chip Butty

Phil Anselmo
Robb Flynn
Papa Het
Corey Taylor
Jack Black
Andy C

Steve Marriott
Mick Jagger
Roger Daltrey
Freddie Mercury

Can't think of a 5th.

No Dave Grohl anywhere?
Twelfth Monkey

Bowie. (70s)
Leonard Cohen.
Frank Black.
Nick Cave.
Iggy Pop (Stooges era).
Chocy Rocky

Michael Hutchence
Kelly Jones
Branden Flowers
Bono. Yeah I know I'll get it tight.

Who would have thought it was so hard to get to five?

These are all from acts I've seen live:

Angelo Moore
Flava Flav
Huey Morgan
Mike Patton
Jarvis Cocker

I'll probably think of another 5 tomorrow.

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