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I was visiting my daughter in Berlin the other week and these are the two favourite shots that came out from the trip. Both featuring the wife.

A nice cold beer with the wife.

The wife poses at the Reichstag

Nice pictures.

Germany is one of the few places I've been. Went for a lovely cruise down the Rhine and had a meal somewhere where the waitresses were from Ormesby which is just a mile or so from where I live. It's funny how often things like that happen. They let us off with a big part of the bill and I got quite drunk on the boat. Happy daze.

The second one is such a cool effect. I loves shots with selective colour.
Frank Bullitt

We visited Berlin in March '07 - and absoloutely loved every minute

Apologies for adding Dick (nice effect on pic no.2 by the way)...

Is it the kind of place where its better to speak the language or are you ok doing the classic English 'talk louder and slower till they get it'?

I've heard that they like tourists to mention the war.

Frank Bullitt wrote:

Apologies for adding Dick

No apologies needed, the more the merrier.
Looks like we had better weather than you :)
Big Blue

Berlin is a top place.

Most of 'em speak English but then, they're probably not German either!

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