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Big Blue

Benefit of the ageing process

To change my car insurance from the 2002 Alpina B10 3.3 Touring to the 2011 Alpina B5 4.4 BiTurbo Touring from now to the 10th January 2017....


Well chuffed.

And that probably includes a £20/£30 admin charge for the change. I dare say they reckon you can't do much more damage with 4.4 litres than you can with 3.3!

I bet it will be an epic drive home.

I don't see much benefit to the ageing process, when it costs so little more to insure the much more powerful and modern car.... †

It goes to show that the insurers know it's not the tool you are driving that matters, it's the one behind the wheel.
Big Blue

No space to tool around in my car where I live: might as well be in an electric car.

You'll be telling us you won't be using the new estate to cart around dogs and muddy bikes next...
Big Blue

Bikes: yes.

Dogs: no way Josť.
Racing Teatray

Not bad at all. However, I think that there is also a loading for older cars compared to newer ones, notwithstanding the difference in value.

I think that when I went from the V8 XF (380 bhp) to the XFR (500bhp) the insurance changed by a few £ only. When I asked, Privilege said that the XFR actually had better accident statistics than normal XF's. So it probably follows that people above a certain age probably drive more carefully in more powerful cars. So you're probably seen as no worse risk in the newer car.

Edited to add - Good grief, I just read my post again. "Probably " must be my word of the day. If I was editing myself there would be red pen everywhere.....  

There will be a load of factors at play here but I imagine the complete bastard that is getting hold of Alpina spares when they reach a certain age has something to do with it.
Big Blue

A collection date has been decided......

Next Tuesday (5th); drive home Wednesday.

Fittingly I'm flying with the Luftwaffe. Sorry: Lufthansa.

To be honest, I haven't seen a significant difference in premiums over the years.  I think that the reason is that I have business use on the various policies.  Business use doubled the premium for the Land Rovers.  It made a small difference on the TVR but I got the third degree about how much I used it for business.
Alf McQueef

That's a better outcome than mine, when the well-recommended bastards at M&S Insurance decided they could not cover the XFR at all then gave me a risible refund for the most of the year I still had to go  

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