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Alf McQueef

Bargain XF?

Of the stuff on my "lurk lists" a V8 XF is notably the best value, XFR's especially, sometimes V8S as well (though they are often near XFR prices).

This is interesting though, for far less than either of the above at comparable mileage/condition. Interior is..... woody, but similar to a V8S. It's probably slower than my current steed, with only 20 more horses and presumably plenty more weight, though it may feel more flexible and has the same excellent gearbox. Seems something of a bargain though:

30k cheaper than where my mind is at presently, which is a new C450AMG sport estate, or similar, in the summer! 30k that would come in useful since Mrs ALF is seriously angling for a house move this year...

As a cheap way of owning a V8 (which must be done some time...) for 2-3 years - and that suits my long journeys - I bet something like this would take some beating. Not sure how the boggo XF handles, but ISTR good reviews, and it is a nice colour/wheel combo. Shame about the wood.

Edited to add: finding some reviews:
Big Blue


Nice. Oddly enough have just been browsing 5.0 XFs.

That's near me. Happy to have an initial look at it if you think it's worth considering.

EDIT - you can do a lot with the 20K saving
Alf McQueef

The 5 litre NA are a fair bit more powerful but i rarely see them at bargain prices - usually they are very similar to XFR prices and the R has a lot more hardware.... I'd certainly consider one at the right money.

Terrible advert.

It's a lot of car for the money, but it doesn't have enough performance to justify the fuel costs.  An SV8 or later 5.0 would give you a better balance.
Alf McQueef

Yes, I think you are right Martin. Thinking back, the main reason I changed the A4 2.0T was insufficient performance -I don't use it all the time, but it is nice to have plenty in reserve, and to be comfortably ahead of a typical repmobile (which in, say, 320d form is pretty quick nowadays). I would like a step up again this time, something around 335i performance would be ideal.

That said, the XFR/C63/E63 all have just too much, really, considering the driving and mileage I do (would be fine for my old blat along NA lanes). It would worry me on a license-losing, and a running costs, level. The 5 litre XF has the new engine (MPG figures for the V8S look a bit shocking), and its NA and perfect performance, but possibly not being an overt "sports" model it may be too quiet, like the similarly suitable E500 coupe Mercs can be. It's one I'll keep an eye out for - but I'm looking for a real bargain, not dropping 25k on one - it won't be an easy car to sell (the XFR possibly easier).

If I can ever be at the right forum meet - if there are any, I can rarely keep up these days - I would love a ride in, and poke around, V8S and XFR - we have one of each in the clan!! Weirdly there is one of each within a few hundred metres of home too, but no equivalent AMG's or whatever.

That looks like an awful lot of car for the money. As something you could use for a couple of years, get some enjoyment from and enable a house move, it seems like a bargain.
I have a client with the 3 litre diesel and it isn't slow so the V8 is going to be a decent bit quicker.
I understand the draw to the 5 litre and XFR but they would use up a good bit of the house move money and no matter how much we all love cars, that is a more important place to sink your funds.

The power uplift to the 5.0 NA is pretty big - 295 to 380 PS. So really the 4.2 SV8 is more on a par. Plus the SV8 gets Xenons and a the upgraded stereo. At the cost of worse fuel consumption and more expensive tyres.

So if you want outright performance, then the NA 4.2 may not hit the spot. But as a "V8 cruiser", the 4.2 will be a great car to eat up the miles.  Add the PG xenon conversion (c) and a Spires exhaust and enjoy! As a comparison, I never found my 4.0 V8 XK underpowered - a flick down a gear or two and you had plenty of motorway or overtaking shove. But it was not a "wow that is powerful" type of car. It just made you smile every time you drove it.

And at that price, the 4.2 V8 is a bargain way to enjoy some V8 burble. Price wise, my 54k mile 11-reg 5.0 is probably worth 2x that 4.2 on a forecourt. And an XFR another 5k+ on top at least.
Alf McQueef

Cheers. I'm still a little tempted to see it... I can't work out where it is, how did someone manage that on AT?

I rarely rev out my car the full way - if this was notably torquier and had good high-speed performance it would be unlikely to disappoint. It does seem way cheaper than others at similar mileage I have seen - though an V8S would be a proper performance car.

It has Xenons and memory heated/cooled seats. If it also had the upgrade stereo and heated windscreen (which most of the XFR's have, and the V8S's all seem to have the stereo but not the screen) then those would be all the main spec items I'd want. Though I imagine the standard stereo in an XF is better than my hair shirt 3 series.

How much are those tyres though??

They're only 170-180 a tyre for a P Zero or similar.  Id be very happy with that!

Oops. I've re-read the advert properly now (was on a boring conference call earlier when I posted). With Xenons (very rare on Premium Luxuries) and the stereo and the reversing camera, it has to be worth a look at that price. If you approach it as driving it for 3 years and then throwing it away, it is still incredible value.

XFR's are way more expensive. Here's an 09 XFR with 66k up for 19k for example -

Re tyres, if it is on 20's, then the tyres are 255/35 R20. About 175 - 200 a corner for summers.

The difference over the SV8 is that the front and rears are the same size. The SV8 and XFR have wider rears (tyres and alloys). Makes them more expensive and harder to find alloys for winters.

Mine is also 255/35 R20 all round. I bought a set of winter alloys for 600 and winters were about 200-220 a corner.

The wider rears are only 45 a tyre more, which is like worrying about a few quid extra road tax!

The SV8 not only has wider tyres on the rear (285/30/R20) but I believe the front brake discs are larger than the standard 4.2 model (though the same as the 3.0dS) which means that 18" alloys will not fit so the cost of winters is exacerbated but you can fit the same width all round if replacing with 19s

(That said, I got through this winter with no problems whatsoever on standard wheels and summer tyres BUT I am lucky not to 100% rely on the car day in day out.)

Fuel average on the SV8 is around 16.5 (my current avg over mixed roads, short journeys, traffic jams with plenty of right foot/sport/dynamic) but I've seen in the 23 range before over a decent period when being a little more careful and I have averaged over 25 on a journey from Rickmansworth to Notts before.

Regarding tyres, my mid budget (Avon ZZ3) rears were 130 fitted and whilst not the best are not far off the more 'premium' set I had when I bought the car (Pirelli P-Zero) so tyres can be found at a reasonable price - the tricky thing is finding a brand that fits both the front and rears so they match all round.

I thought ZZ3s were no more. ZV5 is the replacement I believe.
Chris M Wanted a V-10
If the mileage is correct ........ bit of a bargain ?

Chris M Wanted a V-10 wrote:
If the mileage is correct ........ bit of a bargain ?

It isn't. My money is on a 6 figure mileage and it's about a grand too expensive.

original car is Milton Keynes I think. PM me if you want me to view it.

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