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I last visited the island in 1997 while my dad was living over there.  It has been far too long - I had forgotten what a great place it is.

The modern equivalent of the Mini Moke - I have driven an original and it was a lot better than this but the modern equivalent is still great fun.

The infinity pool at the resort.

A Great bar: -

Native green monkeys: -

Sunset from Holetown beach

Tropical storm


I really enjoyed it.  It was everything I remembered it was and more.  I would never fly Virgin again given the choice - running out of drink three hours into an eight hour flight is not acceptable IMO.

My dad rented this place which is where we stayed and it was fabulous.

Great shots. It looks a lovely place to visit, cute monkeys too.

But why both? The beach at Saltburn is probably twice as good...

Yup. You should go there and walk into the sea...

I really like the 'tropical storm' shot.

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