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Andy C

Auto Italia, Stanford Hall


Some truly stunning cars there Andy - thanks for the pics.

I love how, in  thread about Auto Italia, the first three pics are of German cars!  

Looks like a great day, amongst all the exotica the 8C still stands above them all.
A couple of nasty aftermarket (I assume) wheels on the 164 and 155.
The headlights of the 4C are still jarring, has anyone seen one with the light surrounds colour coded, I'd imagine that would be far less offensive.

And why were the FIAT Coupes banished to be all on their own?

On the way home ftom Norfolk today I saw plenty of nice stuff, topped off by a yellow Diablo in convoy with a Dodge Viper joining the A1 at Peterborough.

Giant wrote:
And why were the FIAT Coupes banished to be all on their own?

The rest broke down on their way to the event..

Great pics Andy, it's good to see such events being so well attended.
Chris M Wanted a V-10

Is that why there is such a large gap between them? (Reserved spaces for those that didn't make it) Or did the 2 drivers who did make it there have an argument?
Humphrey The Pug

Love the Alfa SZ's.
Andy C

It was towards the end of the day and everyone else had left !
Alf McQueef

Yummy, some very nice stuff there!

The GTV fits in well, considering it's worth a lot less than most of that lot. A GTV "cup" edition in red with the Alfa LSD added would be a nice cheap Italian plaything...

Looking at that selection I think it's fair to say Alfa Romeos back catalogue is as hit as it is miss. I really like that red Countach.
Dr. Hfuhruhurr


- the Busso-engined Alfas with their bonnets up
- the Fiat Dinos are simply gorgeous
- the black 8C, and the black Gransport


- the Countach interior is shockingly poor quality
- the shiny grille on that Merc SL
- the 4C's headlights

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