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Frank Bullitt

Audi TT 2.0TFSI S-Line

The new one. But why...?

Went to put my car in the garage last night and it wouldn't start; turning over but not firing - had a look around the obvious bits but couldn't spot anything, having just fuelled up a few miles before thought it might be dodgy diesel; nothing to be done at that time of night, I'll sort it in the morning. Opened the curtains first thing and spotted a pool of diesel under the back of the car, where the filter is - as it was serviced two weeks ago I figured something had gone wrong. Called Nationwide who sent a local bloke out who after a bit of spannering concluded that the tech who'd fitted the fuel filter had overtightened a connection and cracked it, I imaging brimming the tank had put pressure on it and that finished it off; he did a lash up so that Mrs FB could drive it to Hitchin Audi - I rang ahead and after discussion about the options was told they'd have a car of some sort for her.

So, the TT that belonged to one of the sales team was handed over.  Is this an Audi I could enjoy?

Hell, yes.

I love the look of the new TT, the same as before but just...different and more modern; it's wonderful to approach and superb to sit in. I know it was an S-Line but not sure what was standard or an option but it had the climate control with the info in the centre of the dials which is an option and some sort of drive select, more of that later, and the TFT dash which is fully configurable.

Getting a decent driving position takes a little time as the seat far back puts the wheel too far away even when pulled as close as possible, but a bit of faffing got it spot on; the seats were leather and alcantara and felt wonderful, the pedal and wheel relationship just so; it feels wide to drive at first but soon shrinks around you with excellent visibility. The gearbox has a wonderful fluid action with a short 'snick' gear change that needed some acclimatisation. The steering in 'dynamic' mode was wonderfully direct and very feelsome, not perhaps the best I've ever tried but very nice indeed and gave a real sense of what the front wheels are up to. The ride was firm but you'd expect it, and again thoroughly agreeable and very informative.

The engine, okay it's a 4-pot so it has to work harder to get some respect, but it does very much very well; I'd imagine the TT-S is a bit of an animal; the power delivery was strong with plenty of punch from low revs but the ability to really stretch towards the red line with a nice note under acceleration that was largely muted at a cruise; felt like shit off a shovel to me, able to put the power down successfully with no untoward motion, one of the mags commented that they could see why the Quattro was superfluous and yes, I can see that. With time, I'm sure you'd discover all its talents fully but it was very honest and easy to judge.

It had some sort of set up which might be connected to the drive select that had a monitor to keep you in a lane - it took me a while to realise what the symbol on the screen meant but it dawned on me when pulling to the left after an overtake as the car was 'pulling' a little to the right as I went over the line; it got on my tits as it activated when the indicators weren't used and seeing how you should always pull to the left after an overtake there's no need to indicate; I'm sure you can turn it off though. Like the A4 the other week, the minimalist MMI means that without time there are certain functions you'll struggle to find. Oh, and despite the loads of FG there was no cruise which just winds me up on a car that will clearly list north of 40k; it did have the Bang and Oulfsen stereo, which was as clear as the TFT screen.

Ah the TFT screen; very impressive, you can adapt it to all sorts of settings; with the navigation showing you can minimise the speedo and rev counter but they are still easily checked, but to be honest on the normal dials setting it was just wonderfully crisp and I'd leave it on there with the sat nav smaller in the middle.

My mix of extending it and cruising plus a bit of town work had 34.2 mpg showing, not bad at all and I suspect cruising at 70ish for a while would easily see 40mpg but seeing as how it pulls 30mph/1000rpm in 6th that shouldn't be a surprise!

Hitchin Audi pulled out all the stops, the arranged for a new housing to be delivered from Cambridge and fitted this and a new filter, valeted the car with nothing to pay; I guess it's a risk that bits of plastic after 11 years might be a touch brittle so perhaps not unexpected, but it was dealt with seemlessly by them.

So when the time comes to buy a TT, I know who I'll be buying it from.

Sounds great, much better than the last loan car! I really like the new TT too, it's funny how it looks so similar to the old model, yet so much sharper and I like all the new tech. I wouldn't choose one over a Boxster, but it sounds much more like a sports car these days.

I suspect the list price with options would be under 40k, but having to pay extra for cruise is a bit cheeky, as is 550 for metallic paint
Frank Bullitt

I think you are right on the price, mid 30's perhaps - looking at the options it has the two packs they offer ('technology and connect' and 'comfort and sound' pack plus a few other bits - I thought it was solid red but they don't do one, it's called 'tango' and looks very non-metallic.

Good review, and good service from Hitchin Audi.

I really want to like the new TT but as yet I'm not sure about the front end, particularly the size of the grille in relation to the size of the headlights.  It also seems to sit a bit too high on the road for me; I'm hoping that the TTRS can rectify my slight misgivings in these areas.
I've sat in the new TT and was pretty impressed with its interior.
Racing Teatray

Four "wonderfuls" in a review of a modern Audi by FB!?!

Has the world tilted on its axis?

You sound really quite besotted!

Joking apart, the new TT is growing on me. I didn't like it at first and I think it's colour and spec-sensitive, but in the right colour and spec, it looks rather tasty. I've said this before but I cycle past a very dark red (almost black) TT-S on graphite wheels every day and it looks extremely wantable.

Racing Teatray wrote:
Four "wonderfuls" in a review of a modern Audi by FB!?!

Has the world tilted on its axis?


Is this the real FB or an imposter who has hacked his account?

I have always liked the TT, from Mk1 through to this one and still do. I do have some doubts about there being no central screen as well as the TFT dials, but I got shot down for mentioning that before, so I'll let it go.
Dr. Hfuhruhurr

Re: Audi TT 2.0TFSI S-Line

Frank Bullitt wrote:
Hitchin Audi pulled out all the stops ...

Great service, but if they'd given me a TT I'd have told them to take their time! If the RS isn't DSG-only, I'd be very tempted.

I love the interior ,it just blows most other interiors away and makes them look antiquated.

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