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Attn E46 Owners

So that's BB at least?

Apperently there was a recall (or maybe a service fix) on the Passenger airbag so might be worth checking if it's been done or not.

My Dad just spoke to BMW about his for another reason and they advised his hadn't been done and should be taken in.

It took our local dealer 12 months from us getting the letter to them being able to do it at a time that suited us.
And the bastards didn't even wash the car when it was in    
Thomas Magman

I've had a letter to take mine in.....yes, even the lowly Compact had airbags!
Big Blue

Is that all E46 or just some date range? or chassis numbers?

The passenger seat of ours is almost never occupied, at least.

ETA: Ours is not in the recall range as it's pre-2000.

We got another letter a few weeks ago chasing up the recall which was apparently carried out last October!

Not my problem now, however as we've agreed to sell it to my brother in law  

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