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Another non-breakdown - and other minor issues!


Following on the thread of non-breakdowns the coolant light came on the XF a few days ago. Unlike the last time this happened (the sensor in the expansion tank loses its buoyancy over time and sets the alarm despite being full) the coolant had definitely been leaking.

A good look around myself revealed nothing obvious which was concerning as I feared an internal leak of some description so it went in this morning. The good news is that they are pretty sure it's an external leak :) The bad news is that it's almost certainly from a pipe running under the supercharger which requires that to be stripped, pipe replaced etc - so 5+ hours of work!

Other minor issues:

The reversing camera just stopped working - probably the camera itself or the co-ax damaged somewhere - either should be relatively simple to solve and if its just replacing the camera I can do it myself easily.

I let someone use my car to jump another (without being there) and forgot to tell them NOT to connect the negative terminal - result is most likely a fried battery monitoring connector which is part of the negative cable - a downside to high levels of FG and my fault for not watching over them.

On the plus side I fixed the non-rotating vent, re-seated and also solved the random dome light issue I had some DIY man points in the bag and money saved

Final plus point, the S-Type V8 I have as a loan car has an aftermarket set of back-boxes and sounds utterly fantastic - WAY better than the SV8 and makes me tempted once again to fit something like a Spires solution.

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