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Humphrey The Pug

Another new car

Well after much stress and searching, I managed to pick up a car for my youngest last night, she has her test in May so for the past few weeks I've been looking for a suitable first car, we narrowed it down to either a K11 Micra or a KA.

It's taken a while as there is alot of shit out there in the £500 area that we were looking; short MOT's, wrecks, missing V5's, rot etc, however I knew there would be a gem eventually.

Any decent looking ones it was a nightmare to tie up times to go and see, given my proximity to London, the vast majority were in that neck of the woods so whilst showing only 30 miles away, you are looking at an hour to get there, as long as the traffic is fine.

I saw a decent KA in Chertsey with a long MOT and decent miles, however the guy was a prick, he had a go at me twice when I twice mentioned via txt that to make sure he had the V5 for me to see, telling me "donít tell me what to do" and ďIíll bring photos of me with my family if you wantĒ, did he have the V5 when I went to see it, course he didnít ďwhatís a V5?Ē He also got rather irate when I tried to negotiate and offered him £450 (it was up for £500) on the proviso he goes home, finds the V5 and texts a photo to me, he didnít even try and counter, he just got all huffy; I would have paid the £500.

Anyway last night I found an 04 red KA on Gumtree, 67k, 13m MOT with only 1 minor advisory and it was in Guildford, saw it after work, negotiated down to £440 from £500 and she even drove it home for me and I dropped her back.

Interior is spotless, there is the usual small bit of rust around the fuel filler, there is a decent patch on the O/S sill but generally underneath it is solid, the car needs a clean but it looks sound.

So I have a happy youngest daughter (well happy until the other events of the evening reared their ugly head). Only thing I didnít notice is its taxation class is disabled, I didnít realise until I tried to tax it last night using the green slip, the lady did the transfer online as I was counting the money out.

So I can either SORN it until prob mid week when the V5 turns up or just wait and tax it when the V5 arrives, not sure if it remains disabled though or will revert back to normal, the pain in the arse is to change a taxation class and then tax the car, has to be done at a PO, it canít be done online.

The eldest also bought a 1.2 Fiat 500 Lounge yesterday too and given what she paid for it and the mileage, it appears that the Twinair that we bought a month or so ago (thanks again Chris) was a bargain; 2 years newer, better engine, half the miles and £300 less than what my daughter paid for hers.

It doesn't. You need to take the green slip to the PO with the relevant forms and change it at the same time as taxing it.

The Defender was tax class disabled   when I got it.  I had to change the new horsebox from HGV to Private HGV when I got it to make it tachograph exempt. Easy enough done with the green slip.

Your weekend sounds absolutely exhausting! Two new cars in one day though, good going!

The KA sounds great. Ours was an X plate (bought 3 years ago) for £340 with a years MOT and amazingly no rot. It was utterly reliable and cost pennies to run until I stuffed it into a bank a year later. Clean ones with colour bumpers are starting to look like modern classics IMO, alongside mk1 Focuses.
Chris M Wanted a V-10

What happened to the daughter's car that went missing?

Hope that the Ka and the second 500 in your family also turn out to be good 'uns. If you want a free Haynes manual for the Ka, just let me know......

Chris M Wanted a V-10 wrote:
What happened to the daughter's car that went missing?

Hope that the Ka and the second 500 in your family also turn out to be good 'uns. If you want a free Haynes manual for the Ka, just let me know......

I wondered that, too. Is this one disposable as well?  

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