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Racing Teatray

Another good Mash effort
Bob Sacamano

Obviously fake.

There's no mention of Princess Diana. Or house prices.

I think they gave up on Princess Diana a couple of years ago.
My parents got the Express until quite recently, they still get the Telegraph but only until their current sub runs out.
I'll miss all the letters from retired Colonels and Wing Commanders.
Humphrey The Pug

Brilliant, could have been about the Daily Mail too.

My dad was an avid Daily Mail reader, apart from having the same surname he was nothing like Roy Hobbs though.

Spot on. I glance at the Express headlines every day as I pass the paper shop and every day it's about Brexit and how well it's going.[/i]

Can't remember the last time I read anything but a local paper - over the years the bias (either way) makes their reporting almost unbearable to read.

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