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Advice/Help Please - waterproof camera

Evening all,

Taking the missus and myself away for a week to the Maldives (trying to ignore the credit card bill....) and am fully minded this might be the only time we have a holiday to somewhere like this. Therefore I'm keen to capture the experience in all it's glory.

Now, I figure all of it's glory definitely includes the underwater/fishy/reefy things we hope to see (snorkelling not diving). And given that a camera that can do that will also be ok on the beach/getting splashed I reckon a waterproof camera is the way forward.

Initally looked at a waterproof case for the current camera but they are flipping expensive and the current camera is on the way out anyhow. So, armed with a budget of 200 I'm after a camera that will not only do underwater and other great shots on hols but will then do everything thereafter (and, preferably, not look like a "baby's first camera").

Looked at this one but not sure about the reviews for "normal" photos.
Anyone have any thoughts or ideas?

Cheers all,


You might be able to get a compact with a specifically designed case for that price. London Camera Exchange often have them in the window.

I dont know what 'flipping expensive' is to you but do a waterproof case suitable for a digital compact camers for 14.99. Like the pentax camera in your link, this one is claimed to be good for 5m depth or so.

Cheers guys,

Would have replied last night but ended up watching Shutter Island on telly - great movie but you try explaining it to a half asleep wife who's been drinking the odd glass of wine!

Dave this is what I was referrring to when I said the case was fliiping expensive For that money I'd rather buy a whole new camera!

Matt, I'll see if I can check out the Camera exchange, cheers.

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