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Andy C

A380 at Birmingham

Last week saw Emirates introduce a daily service of the A380 into Birmingham.

I was at Resorts World today and realised I had the camera in the boot, so I walked over to see this beast land.

Its a very impressive sight and absolutely enormous. You can see why they needed to extend the runway!


Superb photos.

A few weeks ago I was driving along the M23 just as an A380 was coming in to land. It's always slightly disconcerting on that bit of road as the planes approach seemingly within touching distance and at impossibly slow speeds, but the A380 approaching from my right and casting its huge shadow over the road (just behind me unfortunately) was almost scary. What a monster this thing is, amazing.

TreVoR wrote:
Superb photos.

Yes, very good.

It's quite some plane, nice to fly on too

Good pics!
Bob Sacamano

Ugly plane but good to fly on. Still prefer a 747 though.
Alf McQueef

Nice shots! They look like a big flying bus those things, I'd like to see one from the inside. I've only once been in a 747 and that felt pretty big...

Bob Sacamano wrote:
Ugly plane but good to fly on. Still prefer a 747 though.

Agree with that.

I now live pretty close to Heathrow, and what I find remarkable is those things seem to really struggle to get off the ground to my untrained eye compared to a normal jumbo

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